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Zdeno Chára is Married to Wife: Tatiana Biskupičová. Kids: Elliz Victoria, Zack, Ben.

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Image of Zdeno Chára with his wife, Tatiana Biskupičová

Zdeno Chára is a remarkable athlete hailing from the city of Trenčín in Czechoslovakia. He is a great hockey defender that has played for various National Hockey League teams in his career.

Aside from his birth name, many are also called by his nickname, Big Z. He got this name because he is the tallest sportsman that has ever set foot in the frozen fields of NHL. He started his career way back in 1997 when he was chosen to play with the New York Islanders.

There he stayed for over four years so he could gather enough experience to propel him into the sports industry further. Afterward, his hockey profession turned him into one of the most sought-after players by many teams.

He got drafted for the Ottawa Senators and the Boston Bruins, where he played for more than a decade. He then went to the Washington Capitals and back to his first love and his current team, the New York Islanders.

Are you curious about the personal life of professional hockey player Zdeno Chára? Is the athlete married? Does he have any kids? We will answer these questions about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Zdeno Chára is Married to his Wife: Tatiana Biskupičová since 2007

Image of Zdeno Chára with his wife, Tatiana Biskupičová
Zdeno Chára with his wife, Tatiana Biskupičová

One and a half decades with someone close to your heart will teach you many things. This is the scenario of the Slovak couple of Zdeno and Tatiana.

Being wedded in 2007, the two have spent a large portion of their lives waking up and sleeping in each other’s presence. Despite the fame and the recognition that the sportsman has gained and garnered over the past decades, his marriage details are still private.

Only time will tell whether these two love birds will be vocal when sharing the details of their special day with fans like us.

Zdeno Chára’s Past Relationships and Ex-Wife

Amid the statute, personality, and fortune that Zdeno has amassed in his entire career, there is only one woman that he is willing to spend all those things with. That woman is, of course, his beloved wife.

Sources state that the athlete is focused on his passion for playing hockey. We all know and feel that he would be grinding his tools and body to push himself to the limits if not for his amazing wife.

Tatiana Biskupicová’s Biography

Even before meeting her renowned husband, Tatiana is already fending for herself as a successful woman. Her intellect brought her to be a financial organizer and planner for a multinational bank known as TD Bank.

She is a degree holder and a woman just as capable as her partner. There is limited information about her since she abstains from having many social media footprints.

Zdeno Chára’s Kids

Image of Zdeno Cháran and Tatiana Biskupičová with their kids,
Zdeno Cháran and Tatiana Biskupičová with their kids,

The couple shares three adorable kids named Ellis and twins Zack and Ben. They are still young, but their family’s photos and videos suggest that the family has a very close and tightly knit relationship with each other.

Who knows which of these kids will follow in their father’s footsteps of being world-acclaimed hockey players.

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