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Zach King is Married to Wife: Rachel Holm. Kids.

Image of Zach King with his wife, Rachel Holm, and their kids, Mason and Liam Michael King

Zach King is a renowned YouTuber, Tiktoker, and illusionist from the USA. He is well recognized for his “magic vines,” which are short movies of six seconds each that have been digitally altered to make it appear as though he is performing magic.

He started posting videos to YouTube in the year of 2008, and then three years later, in 2013, Zach started sharing videos on the app called Vine. In 2016, King uploaded his debut video to TikTok.

Since then, the renowned YouTuber has amassed over 68 million followers, placing him as the app’s fifth most followed figure. In 2010, Zach was the winner of a commercial contest hosted by Hewlett-Packard.

Zach was invited to the red carpet at the London Film Festival as a prize. In 2013, he won the NextUp Creators contest that was hosted on YouTube and was given first place.

Do you want to know Zach King’s Wife, Rachel Holm, and do they have kids together? Then find out by reading more.

Zach King and Rachel Holm’s Marriage

Image of Zach King with his wife, Rachel Holm
Zach King with his wife, Rachel Holm

In May of 2013, King and Rachel officially began their relationship. Rachel claims that Zach proposed to her sooner than she had anticipated after the couple had already fallen quickly in love.

Zach King’s wife mentions on their website that his future husband Zach proposed to her on July 4 in Oregon, which is also the location of their first kiss. She went on to say that although the length of time they dated was less than she had anticipated, Rachel was sure that Zach was the person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

And without a moment’s hesitation, she says yes to the question. Zach and Rachel, who are now husband and wife, tied the knot in a low-key and private ceremony in December of 2014.

Rachel’s close friends and family members, as well as her father, presided over the ceremony. 

Rachel Holm’s Biography

Rachel Holm King is an actor and the wife of Zach King, one of the most popular YouTube creators. She was born in McHenry, Illinois, in the United States of America, on September 16, 1990, making her current age 28.

Alongside her husband Zach, she was a contestant on the twenty-eighth season of the reality competition show “The Amazing Race” on CBS. This participation earned her some fame.  Rachel’s first role was as Yeller in the 2010 short drama film “Suburbia,” which was directed by Antonio Orea-Berlin.

After that, Zach King’s Wife worked behind the scenes on the YouTube and Vine videos created by her husband, Zach. Also, she has appeared alongside with her husband Zach’s videos.

Zach King’s Kids

Image of Zach King with his wife, Rachel Holm, and their kids, Mason and Liam Michael King
Zach King with his wife, Rachel Holm, and their kids, Mason and Liam Michael King

I. Mason King 

 He is the adopted son of the renowned YouTuber and his wife, Rachel. Unfortunately, his birth date and age are unknown to the public.

II. Liam Michael King

 He is the son of Zach with his lovely wife, Rachel. Liam was born in 2018, making him four years old.

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