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Yves Pons is Married to Wife: Laetitia Vancon Pons

Image of Yves Pons with his wife, Laetitia Vancon Pons

Yves Pons is a basketball player for Memphis Grizzlies under the National Basketball Association. He first rose to prominence when he took part as a player in Tennessee Volunteers.

He was born on the 7th of May in 1999 in Haiti. His parents are not known as of this writing because he was adopted by the French couple Jean-Claude and Babeth Pons.

As an exemplary basketball player, his practice in the field paid off when he was undersigned Memphis Grizzlies on the 10th day of August in 2021. Since then, he has been contributing significantly to the team.

As a young athlete, there is still no Yves Pons’ wife.

Check this out! Learn more about the wife, marriage, and kids of Yves Pons as we reveal further information about him.

Yves Pons has been Married to his Wife Laetitia Vancon Pons since 2018

Image of Yves Pons with his wife, Laetitia Vancon Pons
Yves Pons with his wife, Laetitia Vancon Pons

Currently, the professional basketball athlete is 22 years old. This is why many people are surprised that he is already committed to a long-term marital relationship.

The lovely woman who owns the title as Yves Pons’ wife is named Laetitia Vancon Pons. When the athlete played for the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, he met the love of his life.

It was not an instant relationship because Yves needed to prove himself to the present Yves Pons’ wife. It was because Laetitia was four years ahead of him and was accomplishing her master’s degree.

The athlete did his best to be deemed worthy of the love of Laetitia. He said his wife was hesitant to entertain him because of their age difference.

Eventually, the basketball player won over the trust and love of his better half. Their relationship went smoothly as years passed by.

Not long after, the couple decided to tie the knot on the 22nd of June in 2018. Since then, the athlete relocated to Knoxville because of Laetitia’s line of work.

Their second wedding anniversary was recently celebrated last June 22. It was posted on the Instagram handle of the basketball player, which states that he is thankful for having the opportunity to marry the love of his life.

He said that he loved her more than anything. Additionally, he addressed Yves Pons’ wife as his partner in crime and his dearest friend.

The couple’s marriage has been away from controversies and rumors because they remained lowkey since they tied the knot. According to sources, it was Yves Pons’ wife who decided that they live away from the spotlight so they could go by their usual way of living.

Yves Pons’ Previous Relationships

Because of his young age and already being tied to a wife, he believed he did not have any past romantic partners before meeting Laetitia. Although he has not yet confirmed or denied it, people have assumed that this might be the case regarding his romantic life.

Laetitia Vancon Pons’ Biography

There is no denying that Laetitia is as fashionable as it can be. This is because she has worked in the fashion industry for several years now and has even influenced her partner to join her.

Despite her Haitian roots, she spent most of her childhood with an adoptive family in Paris, France. Afterward, she attended the fashion institution known as Mod’Art International Paris and graduated with a degree in fashion management.

Yves Pons’ Kids

The young couple has no kids listed under their marriage register as of this writing. They are still considerably young, so they are not pressured to have kids yet.

According to the couple, they are still focused on their respective careers. They want to grow in their respective fields before deciding to add another member to their small family.

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