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Yandel is Married to Wife: Edneris Espada Figueroa

Image of Yandel with his wife, Edneris Espada Figueroa

Llandel Veguilla Malavé is a well-known music artist from Puerto Rico. His role in the duo Wisin & Yandel has assisted his way to prominence.

Regardless of being included in a reggaeton duo, he has established a solo career for himself. He produced and published the album with the title Quen Contra Mi in the year 2003.

Until this writing, he is still active in terms of making albums under the credits of his name. That is why it makes people wonder if there is already a certain Yandel’s wife who encourages him to do better in his craft.

Learn more about his wife, marriage, and kids of music artist Yandel as we reveal further information about him.

Yandel has been Married to his Wife Edneris Espada Figueroa since 2004

Image of Yandel with his wife, Edneris Espada Figueroa
Yandel with his wife, Edneris Espada Figueroa.

With the looks and talent of Puerto Rican descent, a lot of women are curious if there is already a woman who holds the title of Yandel’s wife. To their disappointment, sources state that the singer is already committed to a marital relationship.

Yandel’s wife was discovered to be under the name of Edneris Espada Figueroa. According to sources, the music artist spotted Yandel’s wife in the crowd during one of his gigs.

From there on, the romance between the couple sparked and fortunately ended up in marriage. Their unification ceremony occurred on one sunny day in July sometime in 2004.

It was graced by the presence of their closest friends and family who had a significant contribution to their relationship. Furthermore, their marriage is not subjected to any controversies or rumours because they have decided to stay out of the limelight.

Yandel’s Previous Relationship

As much as his personal details are available for people to look up online and search, there is still a lot of information unknown regarding his life, most especially his dating history.

Edneris Espada Figueroa’s Biography

Famously regarded as Yandel’s wife, Edneris Espada Figueroa was brought into the spotlight when she tied the knot with the famous Puerto Rican singer. Currently, she is a stay-at-home mom and wife to a small family.

Moreover, she is frequently seen with the singer on his tours together with their kids. Particular details about her early life, childhood, and education are not yet available as of this writing.

We will surely update this write-up once information about Yandel’s wife is published.

Yandel’s Kids

The marriage of Edneris and Yandel has been productive since it was officiated. They are frequently traveling around the world with their children.

Yandel’s wife gave birth to two wonderful children. Their first son is named Adrian Yandel Veguilla.

He was born on the 25th day of January in 2001. Currently, he is 21 years old and is studying at college.

Their second son is called Dereck Adrian Veguilla who was born on the 27th day of May in 2004. Dereck is still pursuing his high school diploma as of this writing.

The small family of four is always spotted in public whenever the singer does not have tours. Yandel once mentioned that he wants their children to grow as normal as possible despite his life in the limelight.

Right now, only limited information is released about the kids of Yandel’s wife and the music artist because they want them to be the deciding body about their personal life. Furthermore, it is also up to them if they want to follow in the footsteps of their father.

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