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Wyatt Teller is Married to Wife: Carly Teller. Kids.

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Image of Wyatt Teller with his wife, Carly Teller

Wyatt Teller is one of the football players that you should keep an eye on. He began his sports career way back when he was still in High School.

His sheer talent and physical capability brought him to the doors of Collegiate football. In college, he dismantled all the people goes on his path.

As a defensive member of his respective university, Wyatt almost won the Jacobs Blocking Trophy, awarded to the very best of blockers on the field. He played the sport until he was a senior and just before graduating.

Afterward, he was drafted for the National Football League team known as the Buffalo Bills. And in 2018, the sportsman officially started his professional career path.

Come 2019 and 2021, he got traded and went to play football with the Cleveland Browns. He is part of the said NFL team and is positioned as its football guard until today.

Are you curious about the personal life of professional football player Wyatt Teller? Is the athlete seeing anyone lately? We will answer these questions about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Wyatt Teller has been Married to his wife, Carly Teller, since 2021

Image of Wyatt Teller with his wife, Carly Teller
Wyatt Teller with his wife, Carly Teller

There is no denying that our beloved football guard is a vast but very adorable guy. That’s why it’s no wonder that someone as beautiful and kind as Carly would fall in love with him.

Their love story started when the athlete was still playing for the Buffalo Bills. They are already eyeing each other during that time, and as the supportive and caring woman that is Carly, she was there for her partner during the NFL draft of 2019.

Time went by, and their love grew more and more every day until the time when Wyatt needed to take a knee and ask for her beloved’s hand. It should not be a challenging task to be engaged with someone.

However, during the pandemic, everyone was locked inside their residences. Our sportsman did the unthinkable and prepared a grand proposal amid the challenges brought by COVID-19.

He asked for help for his colleagues and superior to rent a football stadium where he could propose to Carly. As his wife recalls the night it happened, it came to her as a shock.

Her former boyfriend just told her they needed to stop by the stadium since he left something there. Unknowing to her, it was just the exact moment the athlete required.

With all said and done, when they entered the field, Carly was greeted with bright lights, a nice ring, and the man of his dreams kneeling on one knee, asking her to be his wife. What seems to be something from a movie or a romance novel came true for the football player’s wife.

Wyatt Teller’s Past Relationships

There is no trace that our athlete went into a relationship before Carly. He has not disclosed anything about his past.

Only photos and videos with his wife are available on the internet. This leads us to believe that Mrs.

Teller was the first and only woman with whom the football guard fell in love.

Carly Teller’s Biography

Image of Carly Teller
Carly Teller is a salon manager in the city of Cleveland

Mrs. Teller is vocal about how his romantic partner made her say yes. But when it comes to other things regarding her life, she has kept her mouth shut about it.

She has yet to disclose any statement about her past and private information. We know that she is a very supportive and caring wife to his husband.

The very thing that made his boyfriend fall in love with her in the first place.

Wyatt Teller’s Kids

Since the couple only got wedded last year, it is safe to say that they’re still enjoying married life and are planning no children yet soon. Both Wyatt and his wife are still in their mid-20s, so it’s no surprise that they don’t have their minds to produce offspring anytime more quickly.

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