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Wood Harris is Married to Wife: Rebekah Harris

Image of Wood Harris with his wife, Rebekah Harris

Sherwin David Harris, most notable as Wood Harris, is a prominent figure from the United States of America. He was featured in the series with the title The Wire portraying the character known as Avon Barksdale.

He celebrates his birthday every 17th day of October. He was born in 1969 to Mattie and John Harris in Chicago, United States.

His road to fame was not easy; that is why questions about Wood Harris’ wife are reoccurring during his interviews.

Check this out! Learn more about the wife, marriage, controversies, and kids of the actor as we reveal further information about him.

Wood Harris has been Married to his Wife, Rebekah Harris, since 2001

Image of Wood Harris with his wife, Rebekah Harris
The celebrity with his wife, Rebekah Harris

As someone whose life is always in the limelight, he is frequently asked about the status of Wood Harris’ wife. Whenever asked, it seems like his face brightens up, showing how in love he is with his significant other.

The woman who captured the heart of the well-known series actor was discovered to be under the name of Rebekah Harris. Their first encounter most probably occurred during one of the events in the industry because they work in the same field.

The couple quickly jumped into a relationship which, fortunately, ended up in marriage. They exchanged vows sometime in 2001.

Their solemn ceremony was graced by the presence of their intimate loved ones, including their friends in the industry. As of 2022, they are celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary with their children.

Wood Harris’ Previous Relationships

Despite his reputation, there are no reports about his past partners. Speculations about it have constantly been on the internet.

But he has yet to confirm nor deny any of it. All we can do right now is to wait for his official comment about this particular subject in his life.

Rebekah Harris’ Biography

Rebekah Harris is often regarded as Wood Harris’ wife; however, she is not limited by the title because she is a politician. Her natality is celebrated every 22nd day of December.

Details about her early life, career, and education are not yet published for the public’s knowledge because she preferred to keep out of the spotlight. According to Wood Harris’ wife, she needs to stay confidential because any information about her could put her life at stake, given her career as a politician.

Wood Harris’ Controversies

It is not unusual for actors to be linked to groundless rumors. Still, he has encountered a controversy accusing him of physically attacking a woman who claimed to be his girlfriend. The rumored Wood Harris’ girlfriend is Anya Richardson.

In her account, she mentioned that she was not aware of the existence of Wood Harris’ wife. Therefore, she was in a relationship with Wood for more than two years.

Anya reported to the police regarding a physical assault from the actor. Regardless, it was dismissed due to a lack of proper evidence.

Richardson was not satisfied with the verdict; that is why she mentioned that she would take extra steps to hold him accountable. Unfortunately, she failed because the court junked her case.

It is not clear whether the marriage of the actor was affected by the said controversy. There is no news whether Wood Harris’ wife filed for a divorce when the news broke out.

Wood Harris’ Kids

Image of Wood Harris with his wife, Rebekah Harris, and their daughter
Wood Harris with his wife, Rebekah Harris, and their daughter

The marriage of the star and his wife resulted in two children under their name register. Nonetheless, they did not disclose anything about their kids because they wanted to keep them out of the limelight.

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