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Willie Moore Jr. Married to Wife:  Patricia Moore. Kids.

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Image of Willie Moore Jr. with his wife, Patricia Moore, with their kids, Khalil, Peyton, and Paisely Moore

William Moore Jr., also known as Pretty Willie, Willie Moore, and P-Dub, is a St. Louis-based actor, entertainer, producer, presenter, radio show host, singer, and licensed clergyman. In today’s age, Willie is a popular favorite, whether as the Grammy-nominated R&B artist “Pretty Willie” or the Stellar Nominated Amazing and inspiring musician Willie Mo.

He regularly touches over 1.7 million people as the host of the top-rated “Willie Moore Jr. Show.” Top artists and celebrities such as Barack and Michelle Obama, Tyler Perry, and others have been on the groundbreaking uplifting show.

Willie may also be seen on BET’s Joyful Noise and TBN’s Juice TV’s The Crew, which has a global audience of over 60 million people. Do you want to know who Willie Moore’s wife is?

Their married life and their kids? Then read on to learn more.

Willie Moore Jr. Married to Wife:  Patricia Moore since 2005


Moore Willie married his wife Patricia on October 23, 2005, and they have been blissfully married ever since. Willie and his wife had three children: Khalil, Peyton, and Paisley, after being married for almost a decade.

The attractive couple is well-known for their aversion to discussing their personal lives, and they have kept their marriage a secret. The actor and his wife Patricia from St. Louis have no record of how they met or when they decided to marry.

Despite this, Willie Moore Jr. and his wife Patricia maintained their relationship. Until today, there has been no talk of the couple’s split.

The performer and his wife, Patricia, show no pathological changes as the year passes.

Patricia Moore’s Biography

Patricia Moore is a well-known motivator, fitness coach, and freelancer based on her Instagram. She is also known for being the wife of the St. Louis-based actor Willie Moore.

Willie Moore’s wife’s birth date, age, and parents are regrettably unknown. But don’t worry; if new information about Willie Moore’s wife, Patricia, becomes available, we will check and update this post.

Willie Moore Jr. Kids


1. Khalil Moore

He is the son of the St. Louis-based actor Willie with his lovely wife, Patricia. Unfortunately, there is no information about Khalil’s birth date and age.

2. Peyton Moore

He is the other son of the entertainer Willie Moore with his wife, Patricia. Regrettably, there is no information on Payton’s birth date and age, just like his brother.

3. Paisley Moore

She is the only daughter of the producer Willie Moore with his amazing wife, Patricia. Paisley was born on November 9, 2018, and is currently three years old.

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