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William Perry is Married to Wife: Valerie Perry. Kids.

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Image of William Perry

William Anthony Perry, professionally known as William Perry William Anthony Perry, is a former football defensive tackle from the United States. He played for the Chicago Bears for ten seasons.

The Bears drafted him in the first round of the 1985 NFL Draft and gave him “The Refrigerator” moniker due to his towering stature while playing college football at Clemson. As a player of the Bears team who won their first championship in Super Bowl XX, Perry became a household name.

Perry played fullback on occasion in goal-line situations during the season, setting a record of 335 lb for the biggest player to score a touchdown. With a Super Bowl ring size 25, he holds the record for the heaviest player to score a touchdown and the most severe athlete to wear one in the championship game.

Do you want to know William Perry’s Wife, Valerie Perry? And their kids together? Then read on to learn more.

William Perry has been married to his wife Valerie Perry since 2007

Image of William Perry
William Perry is a former American football defensive tackle who played in the National Football League

William Perry married his wife Ashley for more than a decade now and has been in love. People think The former football defensive tackle met his future wife Valerie at one of his football games. Like any man, William Perry and his future wife Ashley chatted and talked until they understood they were meant to be together.

And in 2007, William asked his future wife Valerie to marry him. The former football defensive tackle and his wife were able to bond and exchange their promises.

Until today, there has been no conjecture about the couple’s breakup. William Perry’s Wife Valerie also shows that their connection is getting stronger with each passing year.

Valerie Perry’s Biography

Valerie is the former football defensive tackle Perry’s wife. There is no more information about her age, birth date, profession, or parents.

But don’t worry. If we learn more about William Perry’s wife, we’ll update this article.

William Perry’s marriage to ex-wife Sherry Ann Broadwater from 1982-to 2004

William and his ex-wife Sherry used to be a couple and were married from 1982 to 2004. Unfortunately, any relationship has problems, and they got divorced in 2004.

Not much is known about their marriage life, but people think William was happily married to Sherry when they were a couple. They even have four kids together.

William Perry’s Kids

I. Sherria Perry
II. William Perry
III. Latavia Perry
IV. Norie Shanta Perry.

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