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William Osman is Married to Wife: Chelsea Rhoads

Image of William Osman

William Osman is an engineer by profession but a YouTube content creator by choice. He turned his passion into an income stream by documenting his inventions about engineering concepts.

Initially, it was not his goal to upload videos regularly, but when he realized that many people were interested in his content, he continued to upload periodically. He is most notable for daring his fellow content creators on an egg drop competition.

His birthdate is yearly celebrated on the 8th day of June. As of this writing, he is already 31 years of age.

Because of his wit when it comes to invention, many people have been wondering if he already thought of having William Osman’s wife.

Learn more about his wife, marriage, dating status, past relationships, and kids of William Osman as we reveal further information about him.

William Osman has been Married to his Wife, Chelsea Rhoads, since 2016

Image of William Osman
William Osman is an American YouTube personality. He makes invention-based builds and tests them on his channel. He is also an engineer.

His emerging career as a YouTube content creator has been remarkable to the netizens as to how he managed to think about complex concepts. Furthermore, it was discovered that William Osman’s wife was behind the engineer to assist him in his videos.

The ever-supportive William Osman’s wife is named Chelsea Rhoads. According to sources, the couple has been familiar with each other since they were kids; however, they did not start dating until 2015.

Due to their compatibility, the couple decided that they would tie the knot in 2016. It was deemed a whirlwind marriage, but the couple stated they could not be happier with their life decisions.

The engineer once mentioned that he would not be where he is today without the love and support of his wife. William Osman’s wife was the one who believed in him when he, himself, was discouraged regarding his big ideas.

The couple’s union has been away from controversies since it was publicized. It was because they preferred to stay lowkey and put the audience’s attention to the works of the engineer.

William Osman’s Past Relationships

As much as he is known on the internet and today’s media, there are still a lot of things that are yet to be unveiled to us fans, especially regarding his dating history. This raises the idea that the content creator may not have been in other romantic relationships before meeting the love of his life.

Chelsea Rhoads’ Biography

Chelsea Rhoads is mainly acknowledged as William Osman’s wife. It was because she is a reoccurring personality in the creator’s content.

Furthermore, she is a primary school teacher who hailed from Ventura. The speculation that they were childhood sweethearts is stirred because of their exact birthplace.

William Osman’s wife has been an excellent example to the viewers of the YouTuber to support their significant other in their passion. She is proud of the inventions and achievements of her husband.

William Osman’s Kids

The marriage of the lovely duo has no kids listed under their register as of this writing. It was because they wanted to focus on their careers before settling down and having kids.

Furthermore, William Osman’s wife stated that having kids take a lot of work. Therefore, the steps they will take must be well-calculated so that their future family will live the best life they imagine.

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