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Will Grier is Married to Wife: Jeanne Marie O’Neil. Kids

Image of Will Grier and his Wife Jeanne Marie O’Neil

William Grier is famous for playing as a quarterback professionally. He is from the United States of America under National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys.
He has been interested in football since he was a kid but could only improve during his college years. He is a team member of the college football team from Florida alongside West Virginia.
Initially, his first professional team was Carolina Panthers because he was picked to play in the 2019 NFL Draft. Being relatively new in the industry, the professional athlete has already changed teams to Dallas Cowboys.
People are genuinely curious about the existence of Will Grier’s wife. Find out more about him in this Wikipedia-type article which includes information with regards to his wife, marriage, and kids.

Will Grier is Married to Wife: Jeanne Marie O’Neil

As a rising star in the field of football, the athlete is frequently asked about Will Grier’s wife. When coming across the question, he always seems so energetic and happy, leaving people to assume that their marriage is doing well.

The lady who owns the title as Will Grier’s wife is Jeanne O’Neil. The couple first laid their eyes on each other at the University of Florida, wherein they both graduated.

They started dating in the year 2014. Many people quickly expressed disbelief at the couple’s love for each other.

Image of Will Grier and his Wife Jeanne O’Neil Grier
Nonetheless, the duo proved them wrong when they exchanged vows on the 26th day of July in 2016. Their boyfriend and girlfriend stage may be quick, but they are already sure about one another.
Their unification was not announced publicly because they wanted their immediate friends and families to be the only people who would witness their vows. After the ceremony, the couple co-habituated in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Who is Jeanne Marie O’Neil?

The famous Will Grier’s wife is named Jeanne O’Neil Grier. She rose to fame along with her husband as he continuously improves himself to be the best athlete he could be.
The couple officiated their relationship in college, wherein Will Grier’s wife was the cheerleader of the athlete. Furthermore, it was discovered that she was a real-life cheerleader team member for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
She is taking advantage of the clout she is getting as Will Grier’s wife by creating a platform for herself. Jeanne frequent shares updates about what has been happening to their small family regularly.

Will Grier’s Kids

As a relatively young athlete, Grier has already made a family of his own together with his spouse. According to sources, Will Grier’s wife has birthed two beautiful children.

It was assumed that they had their first child before marriage, and that is the reason why they were quick to get married. Eloisa Marie Grier, the family’s first born was delivered into this world on the 9th day of November in 2016.

Therefore, she was already present on the wedding of her parents. 4 years after, Adeline James Grier, their second daughter was born.

Image of Will Grier with his Wife Jeanne O'Neil Grier Kids Eloise Marie Grier, Adeline James Grier
She celebrates her birthday every 28th day of January with a birthyear of 2020. Being kids in the pandemic, it has been hard to travel.

However, the couple stated that they would surely make it up when it is safe to do so. They are all excited when they are allowed to travel without restrictions.

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