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Who is Kevin Samuels’ Wife? His Ex-Wife.

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Life coach Kevin Samuel

With Mental Health becoming more critical than ever, life coaches and gurus have increased. However, even though the number is rising, only a number has made it mainstream. And one of those is Kevin Samuels.

Kevin Samuels is one of the famed life coaches who leverage his platform through social media. Over his ‘coaching’ career, he has garnered a total following of over a million on Youtube and Instagram.

Samuel often shares advice about dating and relationships in general. He also takes up calls from his viewers who want a piece of his sage knowledge.

Being a sage guru, it’s only standard for people to expect the dating guru’s relationships to be near-perfect. But has that always been the case? Let’s find out:

Life away from the public eye, no information about girlfriend

Unfortunately, it seems like we’ll never be able to see where all of his advice comes from.

Aside from the forefront of being a life coach, there is not that much known about Samuel, much more than his relationships. He has always kept his private life under wraps for as long as one can remember.

At least for now, it will still be shrouded whether he speaks from experience or it’s all a result of textbook research.

Kevin Samuels’ issues in infidelity and cheating

Funnily enough, a dating guru finds himself in the middle of a cheating scandal, and a married one at that. Though terrible, fans can view this as a statement of how effective his pieces of advice are.

Rumors have emerged that Samuels broke off the marriage of Instagram model @sixthegoddis.

According to one source, the scandal quickly escalated after Samuels shared a photo of him with user @sixthegoddis, indicating a potential relationship.

Kevin Samuel rumored girlfriend
Kevin Samuel rumored girlfriend @sixthegoddis

And in light of that, the so-called general public didn’t receive the news of them dating well. Some fans were even enraged that the life coach destroyed someone’s marriage.

However, the truth behind this rumor still stands unknown to this day. However, numerous reports disprove the said rumors. One of which is his fellow YouTuber Oshay Duke Jackson. He stated that:

“Just because he is out on a date with a woman and taking a photo with a woman – she is a big influencer, he is a big influencer – doesn’t mean that that’s his woman. Alright? It doesn’t mean that. Alright?”

As to us casuals who can only view and comment on the situation from afar, we could only wait for the fog within this issue to clear up and show the truth that it is shrouding.

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