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Wess Morgan is Married to Wife: Danielle Walker. Kids

Image of Wess Morgan in black suit

Wess Morgan is a famous pastor and a gospel musician from the United States of America. His career debuted in 2006 when he released a single under Oak Tree Records titled Look at Me Now.

He will be celebrating his 49th birthday on the 5th day of September. He was born in 1973 in Moss Point, Mississippi, to parents Joseph and Yolanda Morgan.

Are you curious about Wess Morgan’s wife? Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about him, including his marriage, wife, past relationships, and kids.

Wess Morgan is Married to his Wife: Danielle Walker

Being a pastor, he was sure to ensure transparency in every move he made. That is why when he married the present Wess Morgan’s wife, he was quick to declare it publicly.

The lovely lady who owns the title of Wess Morgan’s wife is named Danielle Worker. The couple exchanged vows in January of 2014.

After being married for eight years, they are still very much in love. Most of the time, they are spotted publicly having dates when the pastor is not too busy.

Wess Morgan’s Past Relationships

As mentioned, the pastor ensured transparency because of his line of work. However, it seems like he could not practice what he preached when the previous Wess Morgan’s wife spoke up about his new marriage.

Betsy Morgan is the name of his ex-wife. She posted on social media that Wess did not stay true to his words with regard to being open because he failed to communicate with his children in relation to his marriage.

The previous Wess Morgan’s wife added that she is not angry for herself but their children. Before discovering the new union, their children have a good relationship with their father.

After the discovery, their children are very hurt and disappointed with their father that they cannot open up to him about their milestones. The former Wess Morgan’s wife also added that Danielle is the girl whom the pastor impregnated during their 18-year marriage.

Her kids are smart enough to understand the new relationship if they were informed before it occurred. However, they were the ones who discovered it through a Facebook post.

Not even the grandparents of their children were concerned enough to reach out to them about the said unification. Betsy felt like she was left alone to tend to their kids while the pastor did whatever he wanted.

She is frequently reiterating that her sentiments on social media are not for her but their children.

Wess Morgan’s Kids

As a prominent figures, the kids of the online gospel musician are also looked upon. According to sources, he has three children listed under his name.

Image of Wess Morgan with his wife Danielle Walker and kids

The first two were from his previous marriage. Furthermore, the third one is the result of his new marriage with the present Wess Morgan’s wife.

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