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Wes Watson is Married to Wife: Valerie. Kids

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Image of Wes Watson and Valerie with their son, Wolfie

He spent ten years in prison, which changed his life completely. He is Wes Watson, a YouTuber, influencer, social media celebrity, and inspirational speaker.

The influencer went to prison due to the possession and marijuana dealership. Details about the upbringing of the speaker are not known, but it was concluded that he got involved with marijuana at the age of 12.

Information about his early life is frequently avoided by the fitness trainer, and we can infer that he had a bad childhood which brought him to drugs. It started with just weeds, and he transferred to medications as it produced more money.

After spending ample time in prison, he realized the importance of mental health and discipline. He is now using his mistakes to educate the people around him and the world.

Are you curious about Wes Watson’s wife? Continue reading as we reveal further information about his wife and kids.

Wes Watson has been Married to Valerie since 2019         

Image of Wes Watson with his wife, Valerie
Wes Watson with his wife, Valerie


People used to wonder if the ex-convict could be in a committed relationship. Since 2019, Wes Watson has been married to his wife, Valerie.

The couple decided to tie the knot on the 31st of October 2019. Ever since their marriage, they have been living happily and peacefully.

On his YouTube channel, he made content about his marriage. He once mentioned that their marriage is like a roller coaster ride which makes it stronger as time goes by.

He added that they might fight a lot, but their love for each other conquers it. They live by their promise that they will never give up on each other.

Furthermore, he also stated that they met through Instagram. Not long after knowing each other for 28 days, they got married.

Wes Watson’s wife was judged and ridiculed for marrying someone she met on the internet. They stood by their commitment and proved those who ridiculed them wrong.

Wes Watson’s Kids    

Image of Wes Watson and Valerie with their son, Wolfie
Wes Watson and Valerie with their son, Wolfie


Numerous people ponder how the inspirational speaker would raise his child, given his unfortunate background and experiences. Wes and Valerie birthed a son named Wolfie.

They constantly show their love and appreciation for their son on social media. Wes Watson’s wife takes care of their child while the homemaker is busy inspiring other people.

The paradigm shift that occurred in Wes Watson’s life helped him move other people away from the bad life he had experienced. For sure, he will be a good father and a husband to his lovely family.

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