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Wes Ramsey is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Laura Wright. Dating History

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Image of Wes Ramsey with his girlfriend, Laura Wright

Wesley Albert Ramsey, also known as Wes Ramsey, is acknowledged for being a theatre, movie, and television actor. The celebrity is notable for being featured on several TV shows and films.

One of his most famous works is Latter Days, a drama film. Moreover, he starred as Sam Spencer on Guiding Light.

Additionally, he also portrayed the character of Wyatt Halliwell in a drama entitled Charmed. Currently, he is best known for the series General Hospital as Peter August.

He was born and nurtured in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. His parents identified as Bill and Linda Ramsey.

The actor grew up with his two brothers, namely William and Warren. Further details about his family are not available as of this writing.

Is Laura Wright already Wes Ramsey’s wife? Continue reading as we reveal further information, including the actor’s dating status and dating history.

Wes Ramsey’s Dating Status           

Image of Wes Ramsey with his girlfriend, Laura Wright
Wes Ramsey with his girlfriend, Laura Wright

As of 2022, Wes Ramsey and Laura Wright are not committed to a marital relationship. However, they have been reportedly dating for a long time already.

The couple started their relationship in 2017. Since then, they have been inseparable and frequently post about each other on their social media accounts.

According to sources, they had their first encounter in 2001. It was during the filming of the soap opera Guiding Light.

Who is Laura Wright?          

Laura Wright is anticipated to be Wes Ramsey’s wife sooner or later. She is a prominent actress like Ramsey.

The actress has two children from her past marriage. It was reported that they decided to part ways in 2016.

Wes Ramsey’s wife, Laura, got into a committed relationship with Wes Ramsey a year after her separation. Furthermore, they are happy to be in each other’s arms, given their work.

In an Instagram post, Wright mentioned that she had her first best date ever with the celebrity. They spent the whole day together and ended it with a kiss.

Wes Ramsey’s Dating History           

The actor is one of the most beautiful faces in the industry. He also had his fair share of dating history with his co-stars.

At the top of the list is Bethany Joy Lenz. She is most prominent for her movie One Tree Hill, which skyrocketed her career as an actress.

While Bethany and her daughter, Maria, were shopping in 2012, a celebrity was seen not far from them. This stirred speculations about whether they were dating or not.

They were spotted in the Lakers Youth Foundation together, confirming the speculations. According to sources, the couple separated in May 2017. 

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