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Wes Moore is Married to Wife: Dawn Moore. Kids.

Image of Wes Moore with his wife, Dawn Moore, and their kids

Westley Watende Omari Moore also known as Wes Moore is mostly known for being a businessman, writer, television producer, and a former member of the United States Army. He has proved himself in different aspects of the industry, especially in philanthropy.

His most prominent writeups are The Work and The Other Wes Moore which gained their label as the New York Times Bestsellers. He is also the one who established BridgeEdU which aims to assist transitioning students from high school to freshman.

He commemorates his date of birth every 15th of October with the birth year of 1978. He was born in Takoma Park, Maryland to parents William and Joy Thomas Moore.

Because of the amazing works of the businessman, people wonder if Wes Moore’s wife already exists. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about him including his wife, marriage, and kids.

Wes Moore is Married to Wife: Dawn Moore

Image of Wes Moore with his wife, Dawn Moore
Wes Moore with his wife, Dawn Moore

As a prominent figure, questions with regard to Wes Moore’s wife are frequently highlighted during his forums. He does not shy away from the fact that he is already committed to a marital relationship.

The lovely lady who holds the title of Wes Moore’s wife is identified to be under the name register of Dawn Moore. The couple tied the knot on the 8th day of July in the year 2007.

However, even before exchanging vows, the couple already lived together to test the waters. They used to live in Baltimore in 2006.

Not long after the author gained prominence, they moved to north Baltimore, specifically in the Guilford area. They did not sell their first home, instead, they rented it out to gain passive income.

Their marriage is surely full of love and care because they have not been included in any controversies as of this writing. They decided to stay lowkey to avoid the unnecessary drama from the media.

Who is Dawn Moore?

Dawn Moore established a name for herself before rising to prominence as Wes Moore’s wife. She was born on the 9th day of August to parents Pandora and Earl Flythe.

With regards to her academics, she was able to enroll at the University of Maryland. This enabled her to qualify for a position in the government as the superior adviser of Lieutenant Governor Anthony G. Brown.

Wes Moore’s wife is also a CEO like her husband because she is the founder of the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). She is an involved member of society as seen on her records.

Wes Moore’s Kids

Image of Wes Moore with his wife, Dawn Moore, and their kids
Wes Moore with his wife, Dawn Moore, and their kids

The couple was able to make the most of their marriage by building a beautiful family of their own. Wes Moore’s wife birthed two wonderful children of their own.

Their firstborn is a girl named Mia Moore. She recently celebrated her 11th birthday on the 25th day of May in 2022.

Their second child is a boy named Jamie Moore. Their son was born on the 22nd day of October in the year 2014.

The couple made sure to give their kids the best life they could imagine. They are continually striving to be better for themselves and most especially their kids.

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