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Wayne Mahar is Married to Wife: Dianne Mahar. Kids.

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Image of Wayne Mahar

Wayne Mahar is the former resident Chief Meteorologist of Channel 3’s Syracuse TV stations. He has provided credible forecasts of different weather and cloud formations.

The expert is trusted by many, given that he has many years of experience in this kind of field. A career that spans over three decades shows that he is a reliable source of information regarding meteorology and the likes.

Sadly, he has not departed the local television station and is currently running a nonprofit organization with his wife. But his passion for this industry is still evident, given that the same business he is managing right now still lies under climate calculation.

He is the President of the oldest private weather service in North America and is still covering weather up until today.

Are you curious about the personal life of former resident meteorologists of NBC’s Syracuse station Wayne Mahar? Who is the wife of the weather forecaster?

Does he have any kids? Learn more about his personal and romantic life by reading the article below.

Wayne Mahar is Married to his wife, Dianne Mahar

Image of Wayne Mahar
Wayne Mahar is the Chief Meteorologist of CNY Central TV

We all know that Wayne is already in his mid-60s. More than half of his life has already been spent with his wife, Dianne. The exact date the couple tied the know has not yet been disclosed to the public.

But it is apparent that they duly love each other. The reporter’s social media presence suggests that he is a soft-hearted person, with photos of their dogs and other pets.

In 2007, the couple started a charitable organization that provides shelter for lonely and scarred animals and pets. The Priscilla Mahar, Animal Welfare Foundation, is centered around the idea of giving care and aid to those animals that their previous owners mistreated.

And since then, the couple has raised hundreds and thousands of dollars for animal welfare projects and continues to do so today.

Wayne Mahar’s Biography

He is a renowned expert in the field of precise weather watches. He has several accolades and is widely revered in the study industry.

Including these achievements are the Seals of Approval of Excellence that the AMS Television and Radio awarded. After his brave coverage of the infamous Labor Day Storm of 1998, where a thunderstorm devastated hundreds of community buildings and houses on its path.

In addition to his milestones, he is also the current Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Precision Weather Service. The company is responsible for providing weather-related services in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and New York.

Their job is to provide accurate local overhead forecasts calculations to clients seeking such services.

Wayne Mahar’s Kids

Even though Wayne’s details are readily available for people to look up online, the opposite can be said about his children. Photos and videos show that he has kids with his wife Dianne, but they have yet to disclose any data regarding them. He has yet to provide their names.

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