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Wallace Chung is Married to Wife: Xie Yuhua. Kids.

Image of Wallace Chung

Zong Hanliang, professionally known as Wallace Chung, is a renowned actor from Hong Kong. His work in Chinese television shows has brought him the most of his fame.

After joining the network as a dancer, he made his debut as Kenny Bee, a member of The Wynners, in the 1993 television drama “The Chord to Victory.” Chung relocated to Taiwan in 1995 with the intention of pursuing a career in singing under the tutelage of record producer Samuel Tai.

Due to the commitment required, he turned down the offer to accept a five-year contract and eventually resigned from his position. Afterward, Chung signed a contract with Music Impact.

As a result of Chung’s spectacular debut with his dance CD OREA in 1995, he was given the nickname “Little Sun” in Taiwan. Learn more about Hong Kong actor Wallace Chung’s wife, Xie Yuhua, and her marriage to him.

Moreover, see if Wallace has kids!

Wallace Chung and Xie Yuhua’s Marriage

Image of Wallace Chung
Wallace Chung is a well-known Hong Kong actor. He is famous for his telenovelas and Chinese television dramas.

Since his debut, there have been hardly any speculations about him being in a relationship. Many people may believe that he is childless and unmarried, but in 2012, it came to light that he tied the knot and had a kid with a woman named Xie Yihua.

After getting married, the couple welcomed a sweet little girl into the world. The media has caught them together even though they have never publicly acknowledged their relationship.

Wallace Chung’s wife is beautiful and maintains a healthy weight. It appears that she is the kind of woman that places a high value on her family. He and his wife, Xie, have been married secretly for several years to avoid having their relationship impact his profession.

His wife has been a supporter of his for a number of years. Wallace has a deep affection for his family, particularly his wife and child, but he keeps a low profile, and few people know he is married.

Although he has not addressed the public controversy regarding his secret marriage, the connection he shares with his wife has always been very stable.

Xie Yuhua’s Biography

She is a fashion designer, the wife of the renowned actor Wallace Chung, and the mother of his daughter, whose name is unknown. Xie was raised in Hong Kong by her parents, was born in 1980, and is currently 42 years old.

She was allowed entry into the Department of Performance after 18 years old. Her father disapproved of her decision to study performing, so she decided to pursue a career in fashion design after being introduced to the field by a friend.

Wallace Chung’s wife worked for two years before deciding to leave her job and pursue additional design education in New York. Even though she is not in the entertainment industry, she has a good appearance and a stunning physique.

She has a great deal of talent in the field of fashion design. Wallace Chung’s wife launched her clothing store known as “Empress6.”

Wallace Chung’s Kids

He is a father of a daughter with his current wife, Xie Yuhua. Unfortunately, the couple’s daughter’s name and birth date are not publicly available as he has been a low-key guy who does not share much information about his personal life.

Nevertheless, we will update this article if new information comes out regarding his daughter.

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