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Wack 100 is Married to Wife: Kimberly Jones. Kids.

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Image of Wack 100

Cash Jones, known professionally as Wack 100, is a famed American rapper, entrepreneur, and business executive who is a co-founder of Cash Money Records. He is known as a celebrity manager for numerous notable celebrities such as Ray J, The Game, and Blueface, among many others.

He was born on the 7th day of April 1978 in Pacoima, California, making him 44 years old. The American rapper has also hosted and arranged several different shows, events, and seminars in addition to his work.

As a singer, he worked with many well-known rappers and their groups. If you want to discover more details about Wack 100’s wife, Kimberly Jones, and their marriage specifics, read this article further below!

Also, meet his kids and learn about their lives.

Wack 100 and Kimberly Jones’ marriage

Image of Wack 100
Wack 100 is a famous American rapper, celebrity manager, and business executive.

Let us take a deeper look into his private life. The American rapper is currently married, and his wife’s name is Kimberly Jones.

According to reliable sources, he has been with his wife for 27 years and is enjoying happy family life with his beloved family. We do not know how the two individuals came to know each other.

However, we know they had a romantic relationship for many years before getting married. The couple has been given the gift of two children, a son named Prince Jones and a daughter named Devyn Jones.

As he has been in many controversies and issues in the past, some relate to the alleged personal problems with Wack 100’s wife and family. Wack 100 and Trav’s leaked phone call had people frantic about the allegations that others put against them.

Trav exposed Kimberly to having cheated on her husband. Moreover, podcaster Meeka Love had also accused the rapper of cheating on his wife.

Nevertheless, the married couple neither confirmed nor denied the said allegations. You can keep up with his most recent information concerning him by following him on his Instagram account; you can also view pictures of his family as the rapper is an avid social media user.

Their wedding details have not been divulged to the general public despite the stated fact. They have also been attending various functions together, especially in Los Angeles, California, where they reside.

Kimberly Jones’ Biography

Wack 100’s wife was rumored to be working in law enforcement. Following his previous heated exchange with Trav MBB, rumors circulated suggesting that his wife works for the police.

She is a music executive, in addition to being a self-taught businesswoman. Kimberly is also known for her work in business and life strategy, real estate, and humanitarianism.

She is currently serving as Chief Executive Officer at Kimberly L. Jones Consulting. Furthermore, she is the president of companies 5th Amendment Entertainment and 100 Entertainment.

She attended the University of Phoenix and finished her Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration. Kimberly received her certification as a life coach in the International Coaching Federation and her license as a real estate agent in the California Department of Real Estate.

Apart from what was stated, not much is shared about her life.

Wack 100’s Kids

Prince Jones and Devyn Jones are Cash Jones’s children; they are his son and daughter. Sadly, his older child’s exact birth date and age are yet to be shared.

Devyn, his youngest, was born on the 26th day of July 2004, and she is seventeen years old. For the time being, Devyn and Prince Jones are known primarily as the kids of the rappers; however, they are working hard to establish their own identities.

Knowing one’s parent’s name is not necessarily a negative thing; however, we may see them soon using their names. There is no way to know if his kids plan to pursue a career as a singer or rapper as he did, but one can only hope.

Since Wack 100 cherishes the time he can devote to his wife, children, and other family members, the couple frequently posts pictures to social media platforms featuring their lovely and joyful family.

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