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Vsauce is Married to Wife: Marnie Stevens. Kids.

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Image of Vsauce with his wife, Marnie Stevens

Michael David Stevens, professionally known as Vsauce, is a renowned teacher, public speaker, comedian, and editor. Vsauce is the creator and host of the iconic “Vsauce,” an educational YouTube channel.

The renowned teacher began with computer game content. Still, after the success of the Vsauce instructional series DOT, topics of broad interest became the center of his channel, including discussions of science, illusion, philosophy, and culture.

The public speaker has become one of the most popular Youtube stars, with over 17.5 million followers and 2.4 billion views, and a central feature in the web-driven popularization of science and education as the host of Vsauce.

Want to know Vsauce’s wife? Their married life and kids? Keep reading!

Vsauce has been Married to his wife, Marnie Stevens, since 2016


The comedian married his wife Marnie and has been happy ever since. In England, Vsauce met his future wife, Marnie.

On July 30, 2016, Vsauce’s wife married him in Eltham, southeast London, England. The couple returned to the US after their marriage.

Vsauce and his wife, Marnie, have a daughter called Maeve after being together for three years, on August 15, 2019. In 2012, Vsauce relocated to London, England, before returning to America four years after exchanging wedding vows with his wife, Marnie.

Vsauce’s wife, Marnie, lives in Los Angeles with their small family. There have been no rumors surrounding the famous teacher and his wife Marnie split until today.

They also demonstrate that their bond is strengthening with each passing year.

Marnie Stevens’ Biography

Vsauce’s wife, Marnie Stevens, is the wife of the prominent teacher and is a mother of a child named Maeve. Her age, parents, and career are unclear because she did not disclose any information.

One of her unique aspects is her unconditional aid to her husband throughout his YouTube career. Currently, Marnie and his husband Vsauce are in the United States.

Vsauce’s wife, Marnie Stevens, avoids social situations. Hence there is no information about her personal life available to the public.

Vsauce’s wife, Marnie would rather spend time alone with her family.

Vsauce’s Kid       


I. Maeve Stevens

Maeve was born on the 15th  of August and is currently two years old. She is the only child of the public speaker with his wife, Marnie.

Vsauce’s wife, Marnie’s daughter, are turning three years old this year.

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