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Vir Das is Married to Wife: Shivani Mathur. Kids: Trisha Das

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Image of Vir Das with his wife, Shivani Mathur

Vir Das is a known Bollywood actor, comedian, and musician. He has made a name for himself by being part of various movies in India.

Some of his appearances include films such as 2010’s Badmaash Company and Go Goa Gone, a humorous take on zombie action movies of the same genre. He got his United States break when Netflix allowed him to have his stand-up special, Abroad Understanding.

He is an accomplished actor with over 100 comedy shows, having appeared in 18 movies and a handful of television shows in the past. The comedian’s latest venture is with his stand-up specials with Netflix called Vir Das: Outside In, which became available at the height of the global pandemic.

That amid our depressing lives during the quarantine, he made people laugh with his wit and attitude. Are you curious about the personal life of renowned Bollywood star Vir Das?

Is the actor married? Does he have any kids? Learn more about his personal and romantic life by reading the article below.

Vir Das has been Married to his wife, Shivani Mathur, since 2014

Image of Vir Das with his wife, Shivani Mathur
Vir Das with his wife, Shivani Mathur

With his fame and his fortune, there is no doubt that the celebrity will not be involved in any romantic relationships. She is married to her gorgeous wife, Shivani Mathur, and is almost celebrating eight years of fruitful marriage this 2022.

There was little coverage when the couple tied the knot, and it did not garner much social media attention. They have kept many things private, and only time will tell whether or not our beloved comedian will share it with the public.

Vir Das’ Past Relationships

The comedian is quite the playboy when he is in his teens. Some statements suggest that he went through 13 relationships before meeting his one and only.

He would often call Shivani his reality, saying that despite how corny his jokes are, his wife would always laugh at them and find him hilarious. It is evident that despite how many times our hearts may get broken, there will always be a time that we will find the person that is right for us.

Shivani Mathur Biography

Looking at the celebrity’s wife, one will think that she is still relatively young. However, Shivani is currently in her late 30s.

She made her name as the wife of an eminent personality. In addition to that, she is also believed to be an event organizer currently based in Delhi in India.

Vir Das’ Kids

Several sources state that Vir and Shivani do not have a child of their own yet. And despite the numerous relationships that the celebrity went through before, he did not have a child in all of those.

It may not be now, but we’re all just awaiting any announcements that the couple will make regarding their child.

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