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Is Violent J Married to a Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Violent J an American Rapper and Producer

Joseph Francis Bruce, professionally known as Violent J, is a prominent rapper, music producer, and professional wrestler from the USA, a member of the “Insane Clown Posse.” His colleague Joseph Utsler and their previous manager, Alex Abbiss, created the “Psychopathic Records,” which He co-founded.

Violent J is also a co-founder of the pro wrestling company called “Juggalo Championship Wrestling,” alongside his colleague Joseph. Do you want to know if Violent J, a prominent rapper, has a wife? Or have a girlfriend? Then read this article to learn more.

Know about Violent J’s wife, kids, and family here. Keep reading!

Is Violent J Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Violent J co-founder of Psychopatic Records
Violent J, co-founder of Psychopathic Records

Violent J is still on the lookout for his true love. Violet J, a prominent rapper, is a private man whose private life is currently under investigation.

Because there was no official information on Violent J’s wife, we presumed he didn’t have a current wife or girlfriend. Despite being among the most accomplished rappers, the music producer has yet to tie the knot.

Violent J’s wife has not been revealed to the public. We assume the professional wrestler likes to keep his private affairs confidential.

Violent J was Married to ex-wife Michelle Rapp from 2013 to 2016

In 2013, the prominent rapper married Michelle, popularly known as “Sugar Slam.” Regrettably, no information about Violent J’s wife meeting with him is available to the general public.

Also, there is no data concerning their relationship, and how they divorced is unknown. Violent J’s wife is a renowned singer in the United States.

The music producer and his ex-wife have two children named Joseph (Son) and Ruby (daughter). Regrettably, no more details about Violent J’s ex-wife, such as her date of birth, age, or family, are available.

But don’t worry, if we learn anything new about Violent J’s ex-wife, we’ll let readers know. So stay tuned!

Violent J’s Kids

I. Joseph Bruce II

He is the only son of the prominent rapper with his ex-wife, Michelle Rapp. Joseph was born in 2005 and is currently 17 years old.

The well-known rapper’s son is a famous gamer on twitch named “xSpidah.”

II. Ruby Bruce

She is the only daughter of Violent J with his ex-wife Michelle. Ruby was born in 2006 and is currently 16 years old.

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