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Vince Papale is Married to Wife: Janet Cantwell. Kids.

Image of Vince Papale with his wife, Janet Cantwell

Vincent Papale, commonly known as Vince Papale, is a renowned former football player from the USA. He played for the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL for two seasons as a wide receiver and played for Philadelphia Bell of the WFL for three seasons also as a wide receiver.  

The sports drama film “Invincible,” which was released in 2006, was based on the life of Vince. He received a letter of achievement in football, basketball, and track & field while he was a student at Interboro High School in Prospect Park.

He excelled in the pole vault, the triple jump, and the long jump when competing in track and field. In the only year that he played varsity football, he got rewarded by All-Delaware County as an Honorable Mention.

Do you want to know Vince Papale’s wife, Janet Cantwell? Her biography and their kids? And also, his ex-wives? Then continue reading to learn more.

Vince Papale has been Married to his wife Janet Cantwell since 1993

Image of Vince Papale with his wife, Janet Cantwell
Vince Papale with his wife, Janet Cantwell

After two failed marriages, the renowned football player Vince finally met the woman who would become his third wife and true love, Janet Cantwell, a national gymnast. Because the pair shared a similar interest in their sports, they could communicate well with one another.

After a courtship that lasted for some time, Vince and Janet finally tied the knot on August 14, 1993. Together, they have raised two children named Gabriella and Vincent Jr. 

Janet Cantwell’s Biography

Janet is the eldest of nine children that were born to her parents. She is a national gymnast, a mother, and the wife of the renowned football player Vince.

Vince Papale’s wife was raised in a family where everyone, including her siblings, was athletic throughout her childhood. At 16, she secured a position on the United States of America World Gymnastics Team.

She competed in the Hapoel Games and also participated in the World Games, which were held in Yugoslavia. Vince Papale’s wife’s career as a gymnast was cut short by the injury.

However, she was not the one who gave up trying. According to a reliable site, an ankle issue prevented her from competing in the Olympics in Munich.

Janet became interested in diving during his time studying at Penn State University. Vince Papale’s wife graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physical education from Penn State while shattering all of the women’s diving records at the university.

After that, she began her career as a gymnastics instructor, first at State College High School and later worldwide. Vince Papale’s wife developed amateur gymnastics programs for several nations, including Malaysia, South Africa, and Bermuda.

After returning to the USA, she took a position at the University of Pennsylvania as the institution’s first-ever gymnastics coach. She remained employed there from 1976 till 1988.

Janet worked as a coach at that institution while also pursuing post-graduate studies at the Wharton School of Business. After completing those studies, she stepped away from her role as a coach and entered the real estate field.

Vince Papale’s Dating History

 I. Sharon Papale

 Vince once was married to Sharon; however, they got divorced due to a reason that is still unknown now. They tied the knot in 1971; however, the date they got a divorce is not available to the public.

II. Sandy Bianchini

 The former football player Vince married Sandy in 1977 and was happy for years. However, just like any marriage out there, it has problems, and they got separated in 1983.

The reason why they got divorced is still unknown until now.  

Vince Papale’s Kids

Image of Vince Papale with his wife, Janet Cantwell, and their kids, Vincent, Jr. and Gabriella
Vince Papale with his wife, Janet Cantwell, and their kids, Vincent, Jr., and Gabriella

 I. Vincent jr. Papale 

 He was the only son of the former football player Vince and his current wife, Janet. Vincent Jr. was born on October 17, 1996, and is currently 25 years old.

II. Gabriella Papale 

 She is the only daughter of Vince and his lovely wife, Janet. Unfortunately, Gabriella’s birth date and age are unavailable to the public.

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