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Vince Bantu is Married to Wife: Diana Bantu. Kids.

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Image of Vince Bantu

Vince Bantu is known as Reverend Doctor and an assistant professor at the Fuller Theological Seminary – Texas. He has taught Church History and Black Church Studies at the Houston, Texas seminary since his start in December 2019.

In addition, he has also been in the Ohene/President at Meachum School of Haymanot when he started teaching on Fuller’s Houston campus. He went to The Catholic University of America, where he finished his Ph.D. in Semitic & Egyptian Languages & Literatures of the Christian Near East in 2013.

Continue reading further into this article to learn more about the seminary assistant professor Vince Bantu’s wife, Diana Bantu, their marriage, and lives. Also, meet the married couple’s kids!

Vince and Diana Bantu’s marriage

Image of Vince Bantu
Vince Bantu is an assistant professor of church history and Black church studies.

The Meachum School of Haymanot Ohene has been a faithful married man to his long-time wife, Diana Bantu. Though it is still unclear when and where they met, his Facebook account indicates that they have been married since the 29th day of July 2005.

Vince Bantu’s wife has loved and supported him throughout his career. His family has been beside him whenever and wherever his work calls him.

They have resided in Houston, Texas, with their two children for a while after moving from St. Louis, Missouri.

Diana Bantu’s Biography

Vince Bantu’s wife was born on the 8th day of April 1981, and she is 40 years old. According to her Facebook account, she went to Roxbury High School and later went to Wheaton College, though she did not specify her taken degree.

On a Facebook post on the 9th day of May 2021, under the account of a David Currie, she was seen wearing a graduation hood, along with two men. Based on the caption, we can infer that she had graduated as a Doctor of Ministry at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Most of Diana’s personal information has not been revealed to the public as she is a private person and has kept most of her life details from the limelight.

Vince Bantu’s Kids

The married couple of sixteen years has two children, both of whom are daughters; they were born within the years of their parents’ marriage. Since their union in 2005, they did not have children until after four years, in 2009.

  1. Taína Bantu

Vince Bantu’s wife had given birth to their firstborn and oldest daughter on the 22nd day of November 2009. She is presently twelve years old.

  1. Naniki Bantu

Their youngest child, Naniki, was born on the 18th day of June 2011, almost two years after her older sister was born. She is already ten years old.

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