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Is Victor Blackwell Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Kids.

Image of Victor Blackwell

Victor Blackwell has been widely recognized as the co-host of CNN Newsroom since the 19th day of April 2021 with Alisyn Camerota. The American television news anchor was born on the 25th day of September 1981 in Baltimore, Maryland, making him forty years old.

He has been in the multinational cable news channel since 2012, where he started as the channel’s southeast bureau correspondent.

Learn more about American news anchor Victor Blackwell’s relationship and dating history as you read this article further. Moreover, see if Victor has kids!

Is Victor Blackwell married to a wife, or is he dating a girlfriend?

Image of Victor Blackwell
Victor Blackwell is an American television news anchor. He is currently the host of CNN Newsroom

Alongside his impressive career as a journalist, his life has also been a topic of fascination for a lot of people as he has paved the way for an outstanding journalist. He has been highly secretive about his personal life and is reluctant to discuss the nature of his romantic relationships.

In addition, Victor has not tied the knot, and he has never disclosed any information about his partner, including whether or not he is currently in a relationship or is single. As a result, there has not been someone who is Victor Blackwell’s wife.

On th 21st day of December 2013, during a live discussion with his co-host Sandy Brown and guest Jimmy Alexander, he disclosed his sexual orientation to the public for the first time as a gay man. During that time, they were talking about an article in GQ magazine that featured an interview with Phil Robertson, where Phil had made a gay remark that was completely incoherent.

He then stated that he was not shocked or hurt by the remarks because he did not anticipate a positive reaction from Phil. This is why he was not generally surprised or damaged by the remarks.

It takes a lot of guts to accept your sexual preference in front of other people, and he had that guts, so the work he is doing is something to be commended for.

Due to the fact that Victor has been successful in keeping his personal life out of the public eye, there is no information regarding his romantic relationships. Based on the stated facts, it is unknown whether he is married to a partner or even if he has a significant other or an engagement.

Victor Blackwell’s Dating History

On the 24th day of August 2019, the news anchor posted pictures of himself with another guy to his Instagram account, providing some insight into the status of his relationships. The fact that the image caption included a heart symbol served to pique the audience’s interest even more.

The man he was with might be romantically involved with him; however, it has not been cleared since he has not shared any further information about the said person, his name, and the actual score between them. He has since deleted the Instagram post.

Victor Blackwell’s Kids

As the CNN correspondent has never been married and is not currently involved in a romantic relationship, it is most likely that he does not have any children of his own. Some might confuse the two kids, a girl, and a boy, who are frequently posted on his Instagram account as his children.

Nevertheless, it is said that it is only his godson, Mason Clinton Douglas Mangum, and his older sister, MacKenzie.

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