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Is Valentín Elizalde Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Past Relationships. Kids.

Image of Valentín Elizalde

Valentín Elizalde Valencia, known professionally as Valentín Elizalde, was a Mexican singer who mostly sang Regional Mexican music. He was born on the 1st February 1979 in Jitonhueca, Sonora, Mexico.

He is known as The Golden Rooster or El Gallo de Oro and had hit songs such as Vencedor, Vuelve Cariñito, and Vete Con Él, among many others.

Learn more about Mexican singer Valentín Elizalde’s present relationship and his previous marriage. Also, discover details about his dating history and kids!

Is Valentín Elizalde Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

Image of Valentín Elizalde
Valentín Elizalde was a Regional Mexican singer. He was also known for his off-key style and his biggest hits such as “Vete Ya,” “Ebrio de Amor,” and ” Vete Con Él.”

The Regional Mexican singer is neither married to a wife nor dating a girlfriend as he has been gone from the world since 2006. On the 25th day of November 2006, he was murdered by gunfire after one of his concerts in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico, at the age of twenty-seven.

However, it was reported that he was dating Nathaly Fernandez before his unfortunate death and even planned to propose to her though it did not occur due to the said circumstance. In addition, he previously dated several women and even married one of them.

Valentín Elizalde was married to Gabriela Sabag from 1999 to 2003

The only marriage he had was with his ex-wife, Gabriela Sabag. It has not been revealed how she and Valentín started their relationsip, but they became wife and husband when he was just nineteen.

Regardless, they were married on the 7th day of January 1999, when she became Valentín Elizalde’s wife. The then-married couple was blessed with a child within their union.

After three years of marriage, they officially ended their marriage after a few years, and their divorce was finalized in 2003 due to unstated reasons. His relationship with Gabriela was suspected to be involved somehow in his death.

Fausto “Tano” Elizalde, his cousin, is in a relationship with Valentín’s ex-wife, which is one more thing that has brought this topic to the attention of the general public. According to a 2020 Ventaneando interview by Marysol Castro, Tano’s ex-spouse, she believed that he might have had something to do with the murder of his cousin.

Additionally, Valentina Elizalde, the other child of the singer, stated that her uncle Fausto was related to the crime. Tano later shared that he will be wedded to his cousin’s previous partner during an interview with the Sun rises.

However, the rumor has not been confirmed nor denied further. Furthermore, it is also believed that it was due to an encounter with the drug cartel, Los Zetas, because of the lyrics in the corrido “A Mis Enemigos,” which are believed to antagonize the gang.

Valentín Elizalde’s Dating History

Blanca Durán

She and the Mexican singer dated in 1993 and had an on-and-off relationship until 2003. They had a child together.

Azucena Rincón

Following her separation from Gabriela, she dated him from 2000 to 2004, as per sources. Like Blanca, he also has a kid with Azucena.

Nathaly Fernandez

Before his untimely death at the age of twenty-seven, his subsequent and last relationship was with Nataly. They were in a relationship for a total of two years.

It is said that he intended to give her an engagement ring around the New Year of 2007 but was confronted with the passing of the Mexican singer.

Valentín Elizalde’s kids

Image of Valentín Elizalde with his kids
Valentín Elizalde with his kids

He had three kids, all daughters, and with three different women he had relationships. Ever since he passed away, a number of women have come forward and claimed that they were his partner, and some of these women have even come forward while holding his alleged infants in their arms.

Gabriela Elizalde

She is his firstborn child with his ex-wife, Gabriela. Her exact birth date, however, has not been shared; seeing as he was married to his previous spouse in 1999, it is inevitable that she was born in the same year or the following years after.

Valeria Elizalde

She is his second child but like her older sister, her age and birthday are undivulged. Valeria’s mother is Blanca Durán.

Valentina Elizalde

She is the singer’s youngest daughter with Azucena Rincón. Her birth and age details are not publicly shared.

Like her father, his youngest child is a musical artist who has music released on different platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, and her YouTuber channel, Valentina Elizalde.

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