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Tyrus is Married to Wife: Ingrid Rinck. 5 Kids

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Image of Tyrus with his wife, Ingrid Rinck

George Murdoch, famously known as Tyrus, is an author, actor, tv anchor, and wrestler by profession. He is currently signed under National Wrestling Alliance, where he Is known to be the present NWA World TV Champion.

The wrestler is also known by the moniker Brodus Clay. He is most prominent for participating in Impact Wrestling.

On the 21st of February 1973, the author was born in Massachusetts, United States. He was born an American citizen.

The TV anchor went to the College of Antelope Valley. Not long after, he finished his degree at the University of Nebraska.

The author’s first dream was to be a teacher. However, fate was not on his side, and he had to go through different jobs to make ends meet.

He used to be Snoop Dogg’s bodyguard, which can be explained by his body build. Are you curious about Tyrus’ wife?

Continue reading this article to find out more. We will also discuss his marriage and kids.

Tyrus has been Married to Ingrid Rinck since 2014           

Image of Tyrus with his wife, Ingrid Rinck

Tyrus with his wife, Ingrid Rinck

The author has been married to his wife, Ingrid Rinick. They have been married since 2014.

Further details about their marriage are not disclosed to the public. However, they are frequently seen posting about their love for each other.

Who is Ingrid Rinck?           

Tyrus’ wife is an entrepreneur and a fitness trainer. It is not a secret that his wife helped him in his journey to fitness by losing weight.

Before meeting and marrying Tyrus, Ingrid came from a broken marriage. Due to this, she was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

As time went by, she recovered from the bad experience. When she turned 40, she decided to live healthily and naturally lost 140 pounds.

Due to the circumstances of her past, she ventured into the field of health and fitness. She has been inspiring people to improve their mental and physical health through exercise and dancing ever since she appreciated the beauty of life.

She has worked a lot to gain certifications, making her credible in terms of fitness. She had established a routine entitled “The Rinck Routine.” 

Tyrus’ Kids            

Image of Tyrus' wife, Ingrid Rinck with her kids

Tyrus’ wife, Ingrid Rinck, with her kids

The marriage of Tyrus and Ingrid bore one child. However, Tyrus’ wife has two kids from her previous marriage.

According to reports, the author has two other children from his previous marriage. However, the details about his children are not available as of this writing.

Thus, the wrestler is concluded to have five children. They are frequently seen outside enjoying the time of their lives.

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