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Tyrod Taylor is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Draya Michele

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Image of the Quarterback of the American Professional Football team New York Giants

A respected player in the world of American football. Tyrod Taylor made him into the big leagues after participating in collegiate football. He graduated from Virginia Polytechnic University and became one of the roster lineups of its football team, Virginia Tech, during his time in the institution.

National Football League’s Baltimore Ravens picked him up as a reserve for former starting quarterback Joe Flacco. It was also during his time in the Ravens that Tyrod was able to set foot on the biggest stage in all of football.

It was 2013, and the player’s team was set to face the San Francisco 49ers in the finals of Super Bowl XLVII. He and his team went to win the championship by defeating the opposing party 34-31.

After that, he was picked up by various groups and has currently landed an 11 million U.S dollar contract spanning over two years with the NFL team New York Giants.

Are you curious about the personal life of football quarterback Tyrod Taylor? Is the star dating anyone? Learn more about his personal and romantic life by reading the article below.

Tyrod Taylor is not Married to a Wife. Dating girlfriend: Draya Michele

Image of Tyrod Taylor and his girlfriend Draya MIchele
Tyrod Taylor and his girlfriend, Draya Michele

Someone with looks, fame, good physique, and fortune like Tyrod Taylor would land with somebody in his league. And this is precisely the case with his current girlfriend, Draya Michele.

They got together after the celebrity broke up with football player Orlando Scandrick a year before the post. The lovebirds affirmed their relationship to the public after Draya announced that she was with Tyrod through an Instagram story. For various reasons, the story was taken down immediately.

Draya Michele’s Biography

Image of Draya Michele an American Model, Actress, and Fashion Designer
Draya Michele, an American Model, Actress, and Fashion Designer

Draya is a social media star, actress, fashion designer, and model. Even though she is now 37 years old, it does not look like she is her age. The stunning beauty and a smoking hot body do not equate to the model’s age.

Her gorgeous features also landed her in various relationships with other known personalities in Hollywood. This includes singer-songwriter Chris Brown and football cornerback Orlando Scandrick, which whom she bore one child.

Tyrod Taylor’s Past Relationships

Tyrod’s current girlfriend is stunning, but looking at the athlete’s ex-girlfriend, you can say he has a taste for women. The football star is believed to have a relationship with famed model and social media personality Kayla Philips.

It was not sure how the two met and ended, but they were rumored to be together in 2013.  After which, Kayla dated other known football players, and Tyrod went on his separate path.

Tyrod Taylor’s Rumors

There was not a lot of controversy surrounding the star, although his relationship with his current girlfriend may be labeled by many as quite interesting. Draya, coming from a relationship with a fellow athlete, may have placed the couple on the rocks.

But, as far as many are concerned, this did not bother the couple, and they have even maintained quite a peaceful and low-key love life lately.

Tyrod Taylor’s Kids

Tyrod and Draya do not have a child of their own yet. However, the player is very accepting of her partner’s past as he embraces her two children. Draya’s children are Kniko Howard and Jru Scandrick.

Kniko was a kid born out of Draya’s relationship with an undisclosed partner before she hit Hollywood. Jru, on the other hand, is the kid that she had with Orlando Scandrick before they broke up.

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