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Tyler Lockett is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Lauren Jackson. Kids.

Image of Tyler Lockett with his girlfriend, Lauren Jackson

Tyler Deron Lockett, known professionally as Tyler Lockett, is a well-recognized American professional football player who plays as a wide receiver for the National Football League (NFL) team, the Seattle Seahawks. He was born on the 28th day of September 1992 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The twenty-nine-year-old football player has been on the NFL team since he was selected by them as the 3rd round 69th overall pick during the 2015 NFL Draft.

Learn more about American professional football wide receiver Tyler Locket and discover about the relationship he has with his girlfriend, Lauren Jackson. Furthermore, see if Tyler has kids!

Tyler Locket is dating his girlfriend, Lauren Jackson


Tyler, who is a practicing Christian, had pledged to refrain from drinking or using drugs until after he got married. The football player was never going to have an easy time finding a girl who would be on the same wavelength as he was because it was always going to be difficult.

Because of the importance of religion in the NFL player’s life, he had a difficult time meeting and keeping a girlfriend as he is committed to not engaging in sexual activity until after they he has tied the knot. However, his perseverance paid off when he finally got to talk to his now-girlfriend, Lauren Jackson.

When it comes to discussing aspects of their relationship, Tyler chooses to keep a low profile and makes it a priority to avoid the scrutiny of the media. As a result, the specifics of their relationship have not been made public.

He later stated that his girlfriend loves God just as much as he does, and as a result, she has no problem with the two of them not engaging in sexual activities. Because she shares his devotion to God, his girlfriend has no problem with the two waiting until marriage.

The two people are so in love that they frequently appear in public together and even post pictures of themselves together on their respective social media accounts. The passage of time is the only factor that will reveal whether or not the connection they share is strong enough to continue in the marriage.

Lauren Jackson’s Biography

Tyler Lockett’s future wife was born on the 1st day of October 1993 in Houston, Texas. Most of Lauren’s life details have been kept from the general public, which is why it is undivulged who her parents are, if she has siblings, and which institution she went to for her early education.

She went on to study at Texas State University. In 2019, Lauren received her Bachelor of Science degree from the university, where she majored in Fashion Merchandising and minored in Business Administration. Lauren was employed at Texas State University as an administrative assistant from August 2018 until July 2019.

She has also held the position of Key Holder at Michael Kors from March 2018 to February 2021 and worked as a sales associate for Forever 21 from September 2016 until February 2018.

According to FabWags, her modeling experience includes stints with Ashley Dunn and FMA. She is presently a cosmetologist at her business, LASH’D Xtensions, located in Dallas, Texas, since May 2021.

Tyler Lockett’s Kids

Due to his and his girlfriend’s dedication to chastity, he has not engaged in intercourse that may lead to him conceiving a child. As a result, Tyler has not fathered any children.

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