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Troy Hayden is Married to Wife: Kristy Morcom. Kids.

Image of Troy Hayden with his wife, Kristy Morcom, and their kids

Troy Hayden is a renowned news anchor from the USA. He is currently working for Fox 10 News every weekday morning.

Since 1994, Troy has worked as a news anchor for the station, and for the past nearly twenty years, he has covered the 10 o’clock news on weeknights. However, in 2016 Troy started working every morning.

He studied at Sacramento State University and received his diploma after studying. After beginning his career in the media as a sports writer for the Sacramento Bee, he went on to work in television in the cities of Reno, Sacramento, and Eureka.

The Associated Press has honored him by bestowing the title of Anchor of the Year upon him. In addition to this, he has won the Emmy for “Best Anchor” a total of five times.

Phoenix Magazine gave him the award of “Best Live Reporter,” and the Phoenix New Times gave him the “Best 10 pm Anchor” award. Do you want to know Troy Hayden’s wife, Kristy Morcom? Her biography? And also, his ex-wife Stephanie and their kids? Find out by reading more.

Troy Haden and Kristy Morcom’s Married Life

Image of Troy Hayden with his wife, Kristy Morcom
Troy Hayden with his wife, Kristy Morcom

Troy is currently married to a woman named Kristy Morcom; however, their relationship is somewhat mysterious because they didn’t announce their marriage correctly but in a creepy way.

The couple announces it on their social media, says that they have news, and says, “when you know you know,” You can find Troy’s post here and his wife Kristy’s.

Unfortunately, not much information is available to the public about the married life of the couple as their exact date of marriage is unknown. Even how they met or the story behind it is unavailable. Nevertheless, the couple is happily married, and their love grows as the days go by.

Kristy Morcom’s Biography 

Kristy Morcom is a Director of Media Relations for Safari Park, Wildlife World Zoo, and Aquarium Park and is also the wife of the renowned news anchor Troy. Most of Kristy’s life has been dedicated to treating and caring for various animals.

Troy Hayden’s wife knew from a young age that she wanted to build a career by motivating others to follow in her footsteps. Troy Hayden’s wife began working at Wildlife World in a volunteer capacity to pursue a degree in the training and management of exotic animals.

Eventually, she successfully worked her way into the Education Department at Wildlife World. She used her newfound platform to educate others about the significance of protecting wildlife and natural areas at the park and in the classroom.

After finishing her education, Kristy returned to the town that had been her starting point. Troy Hayden’s wife now represents the state of Arizona’s most extensive collection of exotic animals in her role as Director of Media Relations at Wildlife World.

Kristy can motivate and educate members of the general public about the significance of preserving wild creatures and the habitats in which they live through her weekly appearances in the media and the communities in which they live. Troy Haden was Married to an ex-wife Stephanie Angelo from 1997 to 2019

The renowned news anchor was once married to a woman named Stephanie and became a father to their children, Lexi and Ashley. The former couple was happy in marriage; however, they got separated in 2019 due to reasons that are still a mystery until now.

Troy Harden’s Kids

Image of Troy Hayden with his wife, Kristy Morcom, and their kids
Troy Hayden with his wife, Kristy Morcom, and their kids

 I. Lexi Hayden

 She is the daughter of the renowned news anchor Troy with his ex-wife, Stephanie. Unfortunately, Lexi’s birth date and age us not available to the public.

II. Ashely Hayden

 She is the daughter of Troy with his ex-wife, Stephanie. Just like her sister, Ashley’s birthdate and age are also unavailable.

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