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Is Tory Kittles Married to Wife? Is he dating a girlfriend?

Image of Tory Kittles

Tory Kittles is an actor of African-American descent who has been in the acting industry for more than two decades. His most prominent role was as Detective Marcus Dante in the 2021 tv series The Equalizer.

Growing up in Lawtey, Florida, Tory aspired to be an actor during his youth. His entry into the Hollywood industry came in 2000 when he played in the film Tigerland.

After his appearance there, the actor went on to continue his dreams and be part of blockbuster films and tv shows. One of his most significant works was the 2008 action drama Sons of Anarchy.

He also was a prominent character in the 2016 Colony series, where he played the role of Broussard.

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Tory Kittles has been Married to his Wife.

Image of Tory Kittles
Tory Kittles is a known American actor. He is known for his work in films like Malibu’s Most Wanted, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, Next, and more.

After being on-screen for more than twenty titles, the actor is bound to meet fans who are curious about his personal life. But the actor has been excellent at hiding his status and his information.

Despite this, some reports believe that the movie star is already a married man. He also once said that he has a wife to go home to.

Tory Kittles’ Past Relationships

Since his partner’s identity is already hidden from the public, it is no surprise that there are also no reports revolving around his past relationships, let alone ex-wives or girlfriends. Despite this, we are not crossing off the possibility until the celebrity talks about it.

Tory Kittles’ Wife’s Biography

Being an actor for twenty years is a hard task to do. Thankfully for Tory, he has found someone to help him through his journey.

Tory Kittles’ wife remains a mystery. The actor is yet to reveal his partner’s identity.

Based on some eyewitnesses, Tory Kittles’ wife is an African-American woman. Just like the actor, they share the same heritage.

Tory Kittles’ wife is also said to have finished her studies in Florida, U.S.A. Although her identity is yet to be confirmed by the actor, some reports show that she often appears during Tory’s tapings.

His partner also appears to be a full-time mom. She is always seen with his son when the actor posts about them on social media.

Tory Kittles’ Kids

Tory is one of the faces of the show The Equalizer. His role there is an antagonist who is a father of two.

In real life, the actor is a father. He revealed that he was a father to a son during an interview when he said that he was excited to get back home and kiss his son.

According to sources, his son is between ten and twelve years old. He is also a handsome young man, just like his father.

Also, the actor posted a picture of his son and Tory Kittles’ wife on Instagram, but their faces are not visible. The Equalizer star would rather hide his son’s information than reveal his identity.

He said that he does this to give his son an everyday life and not to attract controversies. Based on different reports, the three-family resides in their massive home in Los Angeles, California.

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