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Tony Hale is Married to Wife: Martel Thompson. Kids: Loy Ann.

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Image of Tony Hale an American Actor and Comedian

Arrested Development and Veep are two popular television sitcoms among people today. One thing that is great about them is the cast members, and today we will talk about Tony Hale.

Anthony Russell Hale, also known as Tony Hale, is a famous television comedian and actor. He was born in West Point, New York, the United States, on September 30, 1970.

Aside from appearing in these television shows, he has also appeared in several films, including Stateside, Stranger Than Fiction, The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell, and The Year of Getting to Know Us.

He may be a comedy actor, but he also has a love life! If you want to know more about the love life of Tony Hale, keep reading this article to find out more details regarding his wife, kids, and marriage.

Tony Hale has been Married to his Wife, Martel Thompson, since 2003


Tony and Martel maintained a healthy relationship with their child, and people think this is because they made God the center of their relationship. Yes, both of them are openly practicing Christians. Religious fans of the couple admired their first meeting because it happened when they attended a bible study in New York.

The friendship they built from that happening made them closer to each other, which led to a relationship. The couple made their relationship official when they decided to tie the knot on May 24, 2003.

Tony and Martel have been married for 18 years, and the actor described his wife as his lifeline whenever he drowns in workloads. Tony believes that marriage is not meant to be done individually. Two people should pursue it even if they are in a rough patch of life.

They also want the public to know that their secret is being there to help each other no matter how big the problem is or what circumstances they are in.

Martel Thompson’s Biography

Image of Martel Thompson, a professional make up-artist
Martel Thompson, a professional makeup artist

In the showbiz industry, celebrities could not shoot a scene without having their makeup applied, and Martel Thompson is an expert in that area. She is a professional makeup artist that does her job tremendously that she won the Daytime Creative Emmy Award for the category Outstanding Makeup For A Drama Series.

Tony’s wife started her career when she worked as a makeup assistant for Night of Too Many Stars in 2002. Martel also became a crew member for other films and television series, including Nadine in Date Land and Hysterical Blindness.

According to sources, she is estimated to be around 40. Moreover, the renowned makeup artist did not reveal information about her details and wanted to keep that kind of information to herself.

We will look for more details on Martel Thompson and update this article once she discloses her life details to the public.

Tony Hale’s Kids

Image of Tony Hale, Martel Thompson, and their daughter
Tony Hale, Martel Thompson, and their daughter

The couple has one child named Loy Ann Hale. She was born in New York, the United States, on February 24, 2006, and is now 16 years old. Loy has a close bond with her parents, and she likes to join her dad inside their home with a cool temperature.

It has become their hobby ever since, and Tony said they like a small central air conditioning. Archibald’s Next Big Thing is a children’s book, and Loy Ann helped her dad to create and design her character in the book.

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