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Tony Griffin is Married to Wife: Tricia Gist Griffin. Kids.

Image of Tony Griffin with his wife, Tricia Gist Griffin

Merv and Julann Griffin were terrific actors of their time, and they passed their skills to their son Tony Griffin. Tony is an American actor who appeared in different TV series during his acting career.

With the real name Anthony Patrick Griffin, he was born on the 8th of December in the year 1959. His most notable work was with the 1987 comedy film  Spaceballs where he worked as an actor and writer.

In 1994, the actor also appeared in the action-adventure movie Drop Zone where he had a minor role alongside Wesley Snipes and Gary Busey. His latest work was with the 2001 movie Squint.

With the busy career of the actor, does he have a partner? Keep reading this article to know more about Tony Griffin’s wife.

Tony Griffin is Married to Wife: Tricia Gist Griffin

Image of Young Tony Griffin and Tricia Gist Griffin

Young Tony Griffin and Tricia Gist Griffin

His appearance in different shows throughout the years made him gain quite a large following. Any amount of fans come with curiosity about the celebrity’s private life.

Many supporters are eager to know about his relationship status and if the actor/writer already has a spouse.

According to extensive research, Tony Griffin’s marital status is already happily married. The writer tied the knot with a beautiful American woman named Tricia Gist Griffin.

Who is Tricia Gist Griffin?

Many people say that as a comedian, it is hard to find love because people don’t take you seriously. But this is not the case with Tony because he has already seen the love of his life.

Tony Griffin’s wife is Tricia Gist Griffin. She is a beautiful American woman who is married to a famous actor.

Tony Griffin’s wife appeared once in the game show Wheel of Fortune in 1983. She was a sub-hostess at the time of the show.

Since her marriage to the actor, Tony Griffin’s wife kept a lowkey status. She did this to avoid controversies and to have a peaceful secluded life.

But it is confirmed that she is a mother of two beautiful children.

Tony Griffin’s Kids

Being the son of Merv Griffin and Julann Griffin, the actor already grew up and learned a lot about parenting. He applied the things he learned from his parents to his children.

The married couple is blessed by the heavenly Father with two loving children. The kids are a boy and a girl.

Their firstborn is their son named, Donovan Mervyn Griffin. He celebrates his birthday every 11th of February, and according to sources, he is already twenty-two years old.

Their daughter is named Farah Griffin. Like her mother, she prefers to have a private life and decides not to share her information with us.

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