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Tony Cox is Married to Wife: Otelia Cox. Kids.

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Image of Tony Cox an American Actor, Known for his multiple movie roles

Joseph Anthony Cox professionally known as Tony Cox is a well-known actor in the United States. He decided to pursue acting upon seeing Billy Barty, a tiny actor and creator of the club “Little People of America.”

He moved to Los Angeles at the age of 18 after being pushed by relatives and friends. He began taking acting training at the Merrick Studio Academy of Acting with De De Tillman, a screenwriter, and soon found employment in commercials, films, and television.

Tony is known for portraying Bad Santa, where he played Marcus, the brains behind such a safe-cracking duo, and Date Movie, where he played a spoof of Alfred Hitchcock’s Dr. Hitchcock. Read this article further to discover the relationship details of the well-known actor Tony Cox, with his wife Otelia and their kids.

Know Tony Cox’s wife and family here!

Tony Cox is Married to his Wife Otelia Cox since 1983

Image of Tony Cox Born in Uniontown, Alabama
Tony Cox Born in Uniontown, Alabama

Tonny Cox has a joyful and perfectly fulfilled marriage. He married his wife Otelia Cox, whom he met at school, and the lovely couple has two kids together.

Tony Cox’s wife had been friends with him throughout high school as well as college. Tony Cox’s wife, Otelia started dating when Tony when he asked her to the prom in college.

The well-known actor eventually decided to propose and make his fiancée his wife after a long time, and the two married in 1983. There are no disagreements between the lovely couple because they have been in a romance for so long and have known each other for even longer.

As a result, the thought of separation is the furthest thing from their thoughts. There was no speculation about the couple splitting up until now.

Furthermore, they demonstrate that their bond grows stronger with each passing year. The famous actor Tony Cox and his wife Otelia have one child together.

Otelia Cox’s Biography

Tony Cox’s wife, Otelia Cox had been married to the actor since 1983. Unfortunately, any information such as her birth date, birthplace, age, career, and early life are not known to the public.

But don’t fret; if new information becomes available, we’ll update this post.

Tony Cox’s Kids

I. Name Undisclosed.

The well-known actor Tony and his wife Otelia has one child together. Unfortunately, any information such as gender, name, birthdate and age are not known to public.

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