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Tony Angelo is Married to Wife. Kids.

Image of Tony Angelo with his wife

If you have been a fan of the  Formula Drift series, then you probably know who Tony Angelo is. Tony is a professional racecar driver who specializes in drifting and stunt cars.

Angelo got famous after being a drift prodigy in his hometown in Pennsylvania. But he gained international fame after being featured in Wired Magazine since then, and he has won many drifting competitions such as Formula Drift Team Drift and D1 driver’s search.

The racecar driver holds the record for being the fastest qualifier in the Evergreen Speedway.

Check this out! Learn more about the information about the racecar driver, Tony Angelo and his wife, married life, and kids.

Tony Angelo has been Married to his Wife since 2013

Image of Tony Angelo with his wife

Tony Angelo with his wife

As a famous racing driver and a prominent figure in the car industry, Tony is followed by many people. His fans are specifically curious about his relationship status because he often avoids questions about them.

But based on various research, the racecar driver is already married. He met his wife in 2013 in a restaurant in Philadelphia.

They then got married after four years of dating. Because of the celebrity’s secretive nature, Information about their relationship is not available.

Tony Angelo’s Past Relationships

There is no denying that being a racecar driver competing in national events could really make your bank account and your physical looks and confidence rose to the top. But despite this, there are no other reports when it comes to his dating history nor about any lovers that he had in the past.

Tony Angelo’s Wife’s Biography

Being a racecar driver takes so much toll on the body. Luckily for Tony, he has a wonderful partner who continually helps and supports him in pursuing his passion for vehicles and racing.

Tony Angelo’s wife has been married to the driver for a long time. She has the task of taking care of their three amazing kids.

Although she had appearances on the racecar driver’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, Tony Angelo’s wife has been exquisite in hiding her Information.

Because of this, personal details about Tony Angelo’s wife, such as her name, birthplace, age, and other private information, are not disclosed yet.

Tony Angelo’s Kids 

Image of Tony Angelo with his daughters

Tony Angelo with his daughters

A career in racing is one of the most dangerous professions because of how deadly things could get in a matter of seconds.

Due to this, the racecar driver said that since he had a family, he started to drive more carefully and controlled.

Tony and his wife are happy parents of three kids. All of their kids are beautiful girls.

In 2018, he announced they would be twin baby girls’ parents. In a Facebook post, he stated that the twins were put in a NICU for some time before getting released.

He even joked about buying a hot rod that could fit their three kids. A piece of sad news about one of his kids recently shocked the racecar driver’s fans.

Tony Angelo’s wife announced that their daughter Ceci suffered a liver illness. She needed to undergo a liver transplant at the young age of three.

Fortunately for the family, the girl is already recovering.

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