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Tonny Sørensen is Married to Wife: Mette Frank. Kids: Nadja

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Image of Tonny Sorensen

Fashion s the home of people who like to express their personalities through clothing lines and other products. Von Dutch is a well-known fashion brand, the man behind the successful branding of this line is Tonny Sørensen.

Tonny Sørensen is a businessman and rose to fame after bringing remarkable commercialization of Von Dutch. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, on March 9, 1964, and is now 58.

A lot of people wonder what is his job now? The 58-year-old businessman successfully created an online social community for talented artists, aspiring painters, and art organizations where he is presently a chief executive officer called Planet Illogica.

If you want to know more about the businessman and engineer Tonny Sørensen, keep reading this Wikipedia-type article because we have more information regarding his wife, partner, and children.

Tonny Sørensen is Married to Wife, Mette Frank

Image of Tonny Sorensen
Tonny Sorensen is a Danish entrepreneur and creative director

The successful businessman is married to his wife named, Mette Frank. The couple seems to be living a lowkey life, and people are not used to it as Tonny was known before as an outgoing guy after being famous.

Tonny and Mette did not reveal any information regarding the exact date of their marriage, but we can assume that they are living happy life. There was also no sign of divorce, and the family likes to keep their personal life away from the public.

After being together for years, the couple was blessed with one daughter. We will try to perform a deep search and update this article once we find more information about the marriage of Tonny and Mette.

Mette Frank’s Biography

As we have mentioned earlier, the couple wanted to keep a private life, and this means Mette Frank also wanted not to be exposed to the public. Her life has been a secret, and there was no available information about her on various social media platforms.

It is indeed true that a private life leads to a happy life because no one can judge you or comment on your life. However, netizens believe that this is why they are still together. It is because of valuing their privacy more than anything.

We will try to find more information about Mette Frank and update this article once she decides to disclose more information about her life.

Tonny Sørensen’s Kids

After the couple got married, they were blessed with one child named Nadja Sørensen. Nadja was born in the year 1996. Her exact birth date and birthplace were not disclosed to the public.

She is estimated to be around 25 to 26 years old, and there was no news on whether she has her own family now or is pursuing the fashion industry just like her father did. Many social media users think that she got her dad’s talent, having a keen eye for art.

We will update this article once we find more information about Tonny’s daughter, Nadja Sørensen.

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