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Is Tommy Vext Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Tommy Vext

Many vocalists in the music industry impacted their listeners through their incredible voices, and one of them is Tommy Vext. He is famous for being a singer that focuses on singing heavy metal songs, and Vext also ventured into songwriting.

The professional singer was born in New York City, the United States, on April 15, 1982, and is now 40. He showcased good singing skills in his career, so he became the lead vocalist for various bands like Westfield Massacre, Bad Wolves, and Divine Heresy.

Tommy is a songwriter that helped his past bands release impactful songs like Bleed the Fifth, Cast the First Stone, Disobey, N.A.T.I.O.N., Westfield Massacre, and Grand Theft Auto. Undoubtedly, he had his share of contributions to the music industry.

Many people watched his performances and wanted to be with him but have he found the right woman who will love him and support his music career? Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Tommy Vext’s wife, partner, live life, and children.

Is Tommy Vext Married to Wife?

Image of Tommy Vext

Tommy Vext is an American heavy metal singer and songwriter. He is also known as the former lead vocalist of Bad Wolves, Divine Heresy, and Westfield Massacre.

Social media platforms are the tool for most people to find information that they want to know about a particular person. Some of them use the internet to dig deeper into someone’s life, and Tommy has been one of the topics in forums and discussions on the internet world.

Many fans ask about his love life and wonder who Tommy Vext’s wife is. The American singer has performed in many stage shows, and it cannot be avoided that he has met people who could be a part of his life.

For those who have been continuously asking about Tommy Vext’s wife, she does not exist as the vocalist is single. Some netizens have been making his love life a subject of rumors, but the songwriter kept ignoring them.

Since 2000, he was already singing and dedicated his whole life to giving the music industry good music that would change his and other people’s lives. However, his fans do not believe that Tommy does not have a girlfriend when he tours in different places.

Internet users follow him on his Instagram account to know more about his dating status, but they found nothing as it contains posts about music and collaborations with other artists. People did not stop digging into his life and checked his other social media accounts, but they showed nothing.

Currently, Vext has been trying to survive his music career after facing many allegations from his past partners. We will discuss them in this article so just keep surfing!

Tommy Vext’s Past Relationships and Ex-wife

The professional songwriter has been in a relationship with a few women, and they all have issues with Tommy. People have speculated that the singer is abusive and never treated his partners respectfully.

  1. Lauren Kitt Carter
Image of Tommy Vext with his former girlfriend, Lauren Kitt Carter

Tommy Vext with his former girlfriend, Lauren Kitt Carter

Lauren Kitt Carter is the former girlfriend of the American singers, and she was happy at the beginning of their relationship. The former couple met in 2005 and started dating to know more about each other.

After one year, Lauren and Tommy decided to take their relationship to the next level. However, things got rough, and they could not make things work and later separated in October 2008.

  1. Whitney Johns
Image of Tommy Vext with his former girlfriend, Whitney Johns

Tommy Vext with his former girlfriend, Whitney Johns

There was no available information on when Whitney and Tommy’s relationship officially began. Moreover, their past connection has been discussed many times after Whitney filed a case against Tommy for allegedly being violent toward her.

Their legal battle has been the topic of social media platforms and media outlets because of its growing side issues. Our team will update this article once we find more information about Whitney and Vext’s past relationship.

  1. Nicole Arbour

Everyone knows Nicole Arbour because of her remarkable comedy style and choreography. She was once in a relationship with the former lead vocalist of Bad Wolves, Tommy Vext.

She defended the songwriter many times on social media and labeled the domestic violence allegations against Tommy as fake news. However, after a few court proceedings with her former boyfriend, she changed her mind.

Nicole added that she believes Whitney Johns failed to protect women after being an enabler of domestic violence and defending an alleged abuser. Arbour realized that she should not have supported Tommy since the evidence shows that he was violent toward Whitney Johns.

Tommy Vext’s Kids

The famous singer had a relationship with three women. People wanted to know if he had children with one of his past girlfriends.

According to sources, the singer did not have children with his three ex-girlfriends. Our team will update this article if there is more news about Tommy Vext’s children.

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