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Tommy Norman is not Married to Wife. Dating a girlfriend: Rosalynd Guiden

Image of Tommy Norman with his wife, Rosalynd Guiden, and their son

Tommy Norman is a renowned patrolman and officer from the USA. Since 1998, Tommy Norman has served as a patrolman and officer with the North Little Rock Police Department.

Because of Norman’s philanthropic work toward the young people living under his jurisdiction, he has garnered the attention of people all over the country for his efforts on behalf of the people who live in his town.

Between 1991 and 1998, he held various positions within the nursing and mental health care industries. At the time, he was employed at Riley’s Oak Hill Manor Nursing Home as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

In addition, Tommy worked in the mental health department of Pinnacle Point Hospital.

Are you interested in Tommy Norman and his Wife? Who is she? And do they have kids? Then find out by reading this article.

Tommy Norman is not Married to a Wife. Dating girlfriend: Rosalynd Guiden

Image of Tommy Norman with his partner, Rosalynd Guiden
Tommy Norman with his partner, Rosalynd Guiden

Tommy Norman’s wife does not exist yet because he is not married; however, he does have a girlfriend named Rosalynd Guiden. In October of the year 2020, Tommy popped the question to his girlfriend Rosalynd about becoming his wife, and Rosana, of course, said yes.

It was even posted on his Instagram account and was viewed by more than 400,000. You can watch the video on Tommy’s Instagram at @tnorman23.

He stated that Rosalynd’s dedication to supporting his various initiatives in the community was one significant occurrence that assisted him in better understanding his fiancée Rosalynd. The woman who will become Tommy Norman’s wife made it a point to show her support for Norman on any occasion she was informed about by him, which was frequently.

According to the renowned patrolman/officer Tommy, they first met in Walgreen’s, where they were both shoppers, on the same aisle. Although this was the first time Tommy had met Rosalind, she was familiar with him.

It came to light that she had previously encountered him on social media. Rosalyn naturally talks to Tommy, and the two of them trade phone numbers.

Rosalynd Guiden’s Biography

Tommy Norman’s wife-to-be and mother of his children is no other than a woman named Riley Hamilton. According to her Instagram, she is a teacher, philanthropist, believer, and wife. You can find her Instagram account at @rosalynd_nicole.

Tommy Norman’s Previous Relationships

Officer Tommy Norman is a divorced man. Unfortunately, Tommy did not divulge her identity, and the specifics of their marriage are still not known to the general public.

Additionally, the details of their divorce are also not known. However, it is widely known that they had a child together who goes by the name Alyssa. They also had a son named Mitchell.

On Instagram, Tommy frequently posts pictures of himself and his daughter Alyssa together. She was pretty close to her father throughout her entire life.

Even though he ended his marriage to his first wife, he cherished the daughter they had together and spent a lot of time teaching her about compassion. Unfortunately, Alyssa passed away on November 18, 2021, and the reason for her death is not revealed to the general public.

Tommy Norman’s Kids

Image of Tommy Norman with his wife, Rosalynd Guiden, and their son
Alyssa Norman is the daughter of the renowned patrolman/officer with his first wife, whose identity is unknown to the public. Unfortunately, Alyssa died on November 18, 2021, and the reasons why she died is still not available to the public.

Mitchell Norman is the eldest child of Tommy with his first wife, whose name is unknown to the public. Mitchel was born in 1997 and turned 25 years old this year.

Lastly, Riley Hamilton is the son of Tommy with his turning wife, Rosalynd Guiden. Riley was born in 2019 and is currently three years old.

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