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Tommy Hilfiger is Married to Wife: Dee Ocleppo. 5 Kids.

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Image of Tommy Hilfiger and Dee Ocleppo with their kids

Tommy Jacob Hilfiger is a prominent fashion designer who established Tommy Hilfiger’s corporation. The signature of his brand is the colors red, white, and blue, which was harbored by not just casual buyers but the upper class as well.

Before establishing the worldwide corporation, he attempted to open a People’s Place clothing shop. However, it was declared bankrupt, which pushed Tommy to enhance in skills by attending classes regarding the industry in fashion.

He debuted his company, Tommy Hilfiger, in the year 1979. Years after, he was supported by The Murjani Group to organize a sportswear line which boosted his luck to fame and entrepreneurship.

On the 24th of March 1951, a well-known designer was born. Before rising to fame, he already displayed his talent by buying, redesigning, and reselling jeans.

Are you curious about Tommy Hilfiger’s wife? Continue reading as we reveal further information about his past relationship and kids.

Tommy Hilfiger has been Married to Dee Ocleppo since December 2008.        

Image of Tommy Hilfiger with his wife, Dee Ocleppo
Tommy Hilfiger with his wife, Dee Ocleppo

The fashion designer is married to his second wife, Dee Ocleppo. The lovely couple decided to tie the knot in December 2008.

Further details about their marriage are not disclosed to the media. Tommy Hilfiger’s wife prefers to live away from the limelight to avoid unnecessary dramas of being a prominent person.

Considering their wealth and influence, they live happily with their children. Although they are not frequently posting on social media, it has been reported that the family is always traveling and exploring the world’s beauty.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Past Relationships           

Tommy Hilfiger’s wife, Dee Ocleppo, is not his first wife. In 1980, the entrepreneur was married to Susie Carona.

According to reports, they have been together since 1976. However, their marriage did not last, and they filed for a divorce after 20 years.

Details about the divorce are not known to the public. Nevertheless, those who support the fashion designer expressed their respect regarding the separation.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Kids           

Image of Tommy Hilfiger and Dee Ocleppo with their kids
Tommy Hilfiger and Dee Ocleppo with their kids

The famous brand designer is a proud father of five children. He is known to have four children from his first wife, Susan, and a son from Dee.

His eldest daughter, Ally, benefited from her father’s fame and is now an artist, author, and designer. She is known to portray a character in Rich Girls, a reality series on MTV.

The succeeding children are namely Ricky, Kathleen, and Elizabeth. Their parents, Susie and Tom, are proudly co-parenting their children.

Tommy remarried Ocleppo in 2008, and their relationship bore a child named Sebastian. They are joyfully living as a family and are frequently bonding to make their bond strong as a family.

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