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Tommy Fleetwood is Married to Wife: Clare Fleetwood. Kids.

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Image of Tommy Fleetwood with his wife, Clare Fleetwood

The sports industry is filled with talented golf players who made a name for themselves because of their skills, and one of them is Tommy Fleetwood. The professional golfer rose to fame after winning five times on the European Tour and being noticed by many sports enthusiasts.

The talented golfer was born in Southport, Merseyside, England, on January 19, 1991, and is now 31. Fleetwood appeared in many championship tournaments like the English Amateur in 2010, Spanish Amateur in 2010, European Amateur in 2010, Scottish Amateur Stroke Play Championship in 2009, and New South Wales Amateur in 2010.

Fleetwood has played for the PGA Tour and European Tour for a long time and has won several titles. Many aspiring golf players idolized the talented golf player after reaching rank nine in 2018 and seeing him play in a professional tournament for the first time in the Czech Open in 2010.

Undoubtedly, Tommy has been successful in the sports industry, but many people wonder if he has someone special since he is good-looking but travels all the time. Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Tommy Fleetwood’s wife, partner, married life, and children.

Tommy Fleetwood has been Married to Wife, Clare Fleetwood, since 2017

Image of Tommy Fleetwood with his wife, Clare Fleetwood

Tommy Fleetwood with his wife, Clare Fleetwood

People wonder who Tommy Fleetwood’s wife is and if she is fully supportive of her husband’s career. What makes people think that he does not have someone special is that he always leaves and travels a lot.

Traveling could make couples misunderstand situations since they do not see and hear each other. Moreover, if a person can understand things better and not complicate small things, they would not have a problem making things work.

People were intrigued about Tommy Fleetwood’s wife after rumors spread that he was in a relationship with someone older than him. Furthermore, these allegations came to light after the golf player confirmed that he was married to a woman.

Clare Fleetwood is Tommy Fleetwood’s wife, and they have been married for a few years. Social media users always talk about the golfer’s romantic relationship since his wife has a huge age difference from him, and people think that is not an ideal connection.

The 20-year age gap did not bother the couple, and they continued to build a courageous family and stable relationship. People admired the couple for portraying a healthy relationship to the public and not showing signs of trouble and misunderstandings with their children.

People thought it was inappropriate for Clare to be in a relationship with a player since she worked as the golfer’s manager before becoming Tommy Fleetwood’s wife. She worked as his manager in 2015, and after a few meetings, the two have developed feelings for each other.

In October 2017, the couple decided to tie the knot and had a grand wedding located on the Bahamas beach. Fans were happy for the couple, and some were not since they still have a 20-year age gap.

Social media users still comment on their marriage, but they are not bothered anymore. Currently, the couple shows no signs of divorce or separation and is working hard to give a stable life to their children.

Clare Fleetwood’s Biography

Tommy Fleetwood’s wife has been criticized for engaging in a romantic connection with the young golf player. This is the reason why people think she kept her personal information private.

Clare is not new to the golfing industry as she has been around for a long a few years and has worked as her husband’s manager since 2015. She also had a history with Hambric Sports Group, where she was hired as its vice president.

Tommy Fleetwood’s wife also has a big heart as she is one of the trustees of the Richard Burns Foundation, which primarily focuses on helping people with illnesses and brain injuries. Our team will find more information regarding Tommy Fleetwood’s wife.

We will update this article once Clare discloses details about herself.

Tommy Fleetwood’s Kids

Image of Tommy Fleetwood with his wife, Clare Fleetwood, and their son, Franklin Fleetwood

Tommy Fleetwood with his wife, Clare Fleetwood, and their son, Franklin Fleetwood

Clare and Tommy Fleetwood’s marriage blossomed after a few years. They gave birth to one child named Franklin Fleetwood.

Franklin was born on September 28, 2017, and the couple received lovely messages about their son’s birth. Moreover, people expect that their son will have his father’s genes, who is athletic and intelligent.

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