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Tommy DeBarge is Married to Wife: April DeBarge 

Image of Tommy DeBarge

Tommy DeBarge was one of the idols of the 70s. He was a vocalist and bassist and played for the band Switch.

He was regarded as a musical prodigy and one of the DeBarge siblings who showed great talent early. Also, Tom was behind the group’s hit songs such as “I Call Your Name” and “There’ll Never Be.”

Unfortunately, the artist died in 2021 after having a long battle with liver and kidney failure.

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Tommy DeBarge has been Married to his Wife, April DeBarge, since the 2000s

Image of Tommy DeBarge
Tommy DeBarge is one of the well-known R&B singers in the 90s. He was also known as a member of the R&B band called Switch

The Switch bassist lived a controversial life. He was involved in drug addiction issues during his career.

But despite this, he still managed to find love. According to multiple sources, three women held the title of Tommy DeBarge’s wife.

His first love was Yolanda Payne. But their relationship did not end well.

After her, the musician married a woman named Tracey. Their relationship was kept in private but also ended up breaking up.

Finally, the last wife of the late artist was April DeBarge. Although sources are unclear whether she was the third wife of the artist, it was said that she was the one who was with him on his deathbed.

Tommy Debarge’s Previous Relationships

As mentioned, the singer had three wives in the span of his iconic life, with April being the one that stayed beside him up until his last moments on earth. Unfortunately, there is also limited information when it comes to the topic of his wives personal lives and information.

April DeBarge’s Biography

The bassist was a certified Rockstar during his heyday. Because of this, he lived a carefree lifestyle, especially when touring.

Tommy DeBarge’s wife is April DeBarge. According to him, she was the woman who made him want to live a stable life.

He also said that she was the love of his life. Despite always being mentioned by the artist, Tommy DeBarge’s wife lived a simple life.

She preferred to be herself and not get involved with her husband’s career. Also, Tommy DeBarge’s wife was said to be the writer who helped the bassist write the celebrity’s book. There’ll Never Be A Story of Forgiveness.
Also, fans said that towards the end of his life, Tommy DeBarge’s wife was the one who took care of him.

Tommy DeBarge’s Kids

The musician has lived a very extravagant life. During his life, it was said that he slept with many different women.

Rumors stated that the bassist had many kids. The musician supported his nine children by giving the money he earned in his performances.

Despite hiding his other children’s identities, Marina DeBarge went public about her experiences with his father. The artist’s daughter also told the story of his father’s last moments.

Although the musician has faced much criticism, his children grew up to be responsible adults.

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