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Tom Silva is Married to Wife: Susan Silva

Image of Tom Silva with his wife, Susan Silva, and their family

If you are a fan of construction, you should follow the teachings and life of Tom Silva. Tom is a prominent figure in the construction industry after being part of the show This Old House.

His works in the show mainly revolve in improving or renovating old houses. His success does not only come from his tv career but also his construction firm.

He co-owns the Silva Brothers’ Construction Company. They are one of the top firms in construction in the Boston area.

Check this out! Learn more about the information about the construction man, Tom Silva and his wife, married life, and kids.

Tom Silva has been Married to his Wife, Susan Silva, since the 1980s

Image of Tom Silva with his wife, Susan Silva, and their daughter, Kate, and her husband
Tom Silva with his wife, Susan Silva, and their daughter, Kate, and her husband

Ever since his first appearance in the show This Old House, Tom has gained a stable growing following. These fans often ask about his construction business and his personal life.

Based on reports, Tom Silva’s marital status is already married. His lucky spouse is named Susan Silva.

The two have enjoyed a long marriage. Some say they married in the 1980s, meaning they have been together for over thirty years.

The celebrity also said that the secret to the longevity of their relationship is understanding each other. Because of this, the married couple has their own family and successful construction business.

Tom Silva’s Previous Relationship

When it comes to knowing the intricacies and the details of a very successful marriage, the construction expert’s knowledge and experience of love come in handy. But despite this, it is believed that he did not have any prior relationships before Tom Silva’s wife met him.

Although he has yet to comment on this subject in his love story, it is safe to assume that he only had his heart for Susan, given the years of their extraordinary marriage.

Susan Silva’s Biography

They say that behind a successful man is a woman. This is true with the actor because of the support he received from his spouse.

Tom Silva’s wife is Susan Silva. In the show, she appears to be sweet and loving.

It is said that it reflects how she handles her co-workers and subordinates. Tom Silva’s wife helps him in managing their construction company.

Besides her work in the show and the company, she is also responsible for caring for their two children. The fantastic woman managed to do this despite having an old age.

Tom Silva’s Kids

Image of Tom Silva with his daughter, Kate
Tom Silva with his daughter, Kate

After a long career in the tv industry and construction firm, the couple decided to settle with their family. Thanks to their life experiences, Tom and Susan raised their kids successfully.

The couple has two kids. Their firstborn is named Kate Silva.

She is the only daughter in the family. After her came TJ Silva.

TJ is seen as the heir to his father’s construction business. At a young age, the kids are taught how to handle and manage the family business they will take over in the future.

The family of four lives in their home in Boston, U.S.A.

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