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Tom Segura Wife Christina Pazsitzky and Kids

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Images of Tom Segura's Wife, Christina Pazsitzky

The infamous Tom Segura is an American standup comedian followed by millions across the world. From nearly losing his life due to GHB overdose at 18 years of age to becoming one of the beloved comedians of all time, Tom Segura has indeed come a long way.

But Tom’s impressive recovery is not the only fascinating thing about him. The way this 42-year-old comedian handles his love life is on par with his successful career.

The beloved comedian from Cincinnati, Ohio, Tom Segura is currently married to his one and only wife, Christina Pazsitzky. Tom’s wife is no less of a media personality than him and has an equally busy schedule. Yet, how these two handle their profession and married life is something people can admire.

Who is Christina Pazsitzky?

Like attracts like, and in Tom’s case, he attracted Christina Pazsitzky. The wife of Tom Segura, Christina is another fellow comedian whose comedic skills are on par with Tom. Christina has built a prominent status on screen throughout the years as a T.V. celebrity, standup comedian, and co-host. Unlike most celebrity wives, Christina does not need her husband to be famous. Her on-stage performances and hosting ability have caught the public’s eye and gained many fans across the U.S. and Canada.

A native of Canadian who was born to Hungarian parents on 18th June 1976, Christina comes from Ontario, Canada. But Christina shifted to the U.S., particularly Southern California, and settled there. As for her education, Christina holds qualifications in philosophy from San Francisco University and Oxford University.

Perhaps studying philosophy made her see the humor in everything, which is why Christina became a comedian. Little did Christina know, it was the best decision in her life. After turning into comedy, Christina has appeared on-screen on a handful number of occasions. Her first significant stint was in the 1998 series of MTV’s Road Rules: Down Under. Besides being known for Netflix specials like Mother Inferior and The Degenerates, she runs her podcast called Your Mom’s House.

Christina Pazsitzky looking gorgeous in black outfit
Christina Pazsitzky, fellow comedian and wife of Tom Seguras.

When Did Tom and Christina Meet?

In 2003, the two gifted comedians first met at a place where all comedians meet; the comedy club in Los Angeles. During this time, both Tom and Christina were struggling as comedians. Furthermore, Tom was more of a newcomer in L.A., whereas Christina was a local comedy veteran.

The two noticed one another and began their conversation only to realize that they had great chemistry together. Quickly after, Tom befriended Christina, and Christina was a primary helping hand to Tom settling in L.A. However, it was not love at first sight as Christina had an intimate relationship with another lover. Hence, Tom and Christina stayed as friends but not long after Christina split with her ex-boyfriend.

After few months of Christina’s separation, Tom asked her out to go on a hiking adventure. Unfortunately, she rejected his proposal, thinking Christina doesn’t have the same feelings for him as her ex-boyfriend. However, it was her not being interested in hiking. But soon, Tom and Christina met at a local bar and started dating each other in a matter of time.


After having profound feelings for each other for few years, Tom finally popped the question. Moreover, Christina accepted Tom’s proposal. Though their engagement date is no confirmed, their wedding ceremony took place in November of 2008.

After marrying, Tom and Christina had to live in a studio apartment as they were financially unstable. But later, they resided in a mansion in Los Angeles that cost them $6.7 million. But in 2021, the Segura couple sold it above $7 million.

Tom and Christina Married Life

During one of the standup stints in Netflix is a Joke, Christina explained that her key to a happy marriage is watching her husband do stuff that pleases her or annoys her.

Regardless, Tom Segura and his wife, Christina have mutual feelings for one another and intense chemistry. Their matching chemistry can be seen in their podcast as well when their comedy timing is on point. Although the couple has had a successful career together, they have had to wait and struggle since the onset of their married life.

To make it to the entertainment industry, both had to work relentlessly, which meant staying away from home without seeing each other, barely getting time to talk to one another, etc. Tom and Christina continued like this for three years, during which their distance seemed to grow further. Fortunately, this did not result in the Segura couple’s separation.

In 2011, the launch of the married couples’ very own podcast changed their whole married life. Thanks to Joe Rogan, Tom and Christina were finally able to spend time more often. It seems that Joe called the two lovers to visit him on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Noticing their natural flow of chemistry together, Joe advised them to start a podcast together.

Since then, not only did their Your Mom’s House entertain the audience but Tom and Christina seem to realize that they are better as united. Moreover, Christina also hosts Where My Moms At?

The entertainment industry now recognizes Tom and Christina as the power couple in the world of comedy. This Segura couple is currently celebrating their 13th anniversary as a married couple. After finally managing to focus on their marriage, the two have become parents as well.

Tom Seguras smiling with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky
An American standup comedian, Tom Seguras, and his wife, Christina Pazsitzky.

Tom and Christina Controversies

Part of the reason why their fanbase loves them so much is that they have no scandals to this date. They love how Tom Segura and his wife, Christina never miss a day where they make fun of one another or other celebrities. But while doing so, their jokes have led to certain controversial moments.

One of them is the couple’s friendly feud with a singer named Garth Brooks. For a long time, Christina’s husband has been mocking Brook’s accent and lyrics so much that Brooks restricted Tom on his Instagram as a partial shadowban.

Tom and Christina’s Kids

The comedy duo is living a comfortable life with their two sons. Tom and Christina’s elder son’s name is Ellis Segura, and the younger son’s name is Julian Segura.

Ellis Segura

The first Segura child was born in 2016. At this time, Ellis Segura has reached the age of five. Soon after his birth, the jubilant parents posted this news on their social media. For a long time, Tom and Christina were craving for a kid. Ellis has already become a social media star gaining attention since his birth.

Julian Segura

Just three years after conceiving Ellis, the Segura couple announced a new son’s arrival in 2018. Christina’s husband even posted on Twitter showing Cristina’s baby belly. Tom and Christina were ready to name their second son Julian.

Julian is two years younger than his brother as he is only three years old. Ellis and Julian also show great bonding, similar to what their parents have.

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