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Is Tom Griswold Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

Image of Tom Griswold

The Bob & Tom Show is one of the longest-running radio shows in WFBQ, heralded by Tom Griswold and Bob Kevoian. The show deals with day-to-day conversations with a dash of controversy and comedy.

His radio career started when he was hired by WETO. Since 1983, he has been the host of the radio network and continues to do so to this day.

Does the radio host have a partner? Keep reading this article to know more about Tom Griswold’s wife.

Is Tom Griswold Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

Image of Tom Griswold
Tom Griswold co-hosts the radio show The Bob & Tom Show together with Chick McGee, Kristi Lee, and Josh Arnold.

The veteran radio personality has many years of experience with hosting under his belt. He also has a lot of experience when it comes to love.

But as per the latest reports, Tom Griswold is not married to anyone. Although he was married once, their relationship ended in the 90s.

It is also not disclosed whether he is seeing someone or single. His last confirmed relationship was in 2017, and since then, there have been no updates about the radio host’s relationship status.

Tom Griswold’s Past Relationships

The radio personality may seem to have a strong character on air, but he is a nice guy, according to the woman he was in a relationship with. Tom was previously married.

He tied the knot with the fantastic woman Betsy Murphy. Many people thought that she would be Tom Griswold’s wife until the end of their lives, but this was not the case as they split during the 1990s.

There was no official divorce settled, but it is widely accepted that the ex-couple decided to part ways. After his time with Betsy, the radio host had a relationship with race host Laura Steele.

The blonde beauty was considered Tom Griswold’s wife at the time despite not being officially married. Unfortunately, they ended their relationship due to undisclosed reasons.

The celebrity’s last known romantic relationship was with Kelly McCarthy. They had a daughter together, but it is unclear whether the two are still together.

Tom Griswold’s Kids

His first relationship ended way back in the 90s. Although it is unclear if the ex-couple had officially filed for a divorce, Tom and Betsy were confirmed not to be together.

Despite the harsh end of their relationship, the two had four amazing kids. The kids are composed of three boys and a girl. 

Willie, Sam, and Charlie are the boys’ names, while the lone daughter is Lucy. All of the children are taken care of by Tom Griswold’s wife.

In the June of 2007, the news struck the American airwaves when the host revealed another kid from a different woman. The radio host welcomed his second daughter named Sally Janet Griswold with car race reporter Laura Steele.

After their relationship, Tom did not stop finding love. In the February of 2016, the radio host’s youngest daughter was born.

With his latest love interest, Griswold had two beautiful daughters. They are named Finley and Hart, who are taken care of by Kelly McCarthy, Tom Griswold’s wife at the time.

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