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Is Toheeb Jimoh Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend? Kids.

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Image of Toheeb Jimoh

A celebrity, social media star, entrepreneur, model, theatre artist, and actor by profession, Toheeb Jimoh is prominent for his portrayal in Ted Lasso as Sam Obisanya. Moreover, he also starred as Anthony Walker in BBC One’s TV Series: Anthony.

The United Kingdom is where the British actor was born. Details about the model’s exact birth date are currently available, but he is confirmed to be 24 years old as of this writing.

Since the celebrity was young, he had his eyes fixed on acting and performing. According to sources, he finished his secondary school at The Norwood School.

In 2018, he was able to finish his tertiary education. In the same year, he also debuted his career in acting.

Are there reports regarding Toheeb Jimoh’s wife? Continue reading to know further information about Toheeb Jimoh and his controversies and kids.

Toheeb Jimoh’s Dating Status

Image of Toheeb Jimoh
Toheeb Jimoh is an English actor. He is best known for his appearances as Sam Obisanya in Ted Lasso and Anthony Walker in the BBC One TV movie titled Anthony.

As of 2022, there are no reports about who the entrepreneur is dating. Therefore, besides his career, he is not committed to any relationship right now.

Are we going to see Toheeb Jimoh’s wife soon? Being a very private person, he does not like to reveal details about his personal life on his social media platforms.

His primary focus as of this writing is to improve his career as a multi-talented actor continually. There are a lot of rumors going around about who is Toheeb Jimoh’s wife.

However, he did not clear any of these rumors and continued to work on his craft.

Fans of the actor are waiting for the day when Toheeb Jimoh’s wife will surface. According to reports, they respect the actor’s preference and are willing to wait for his revelation.

Toheeb Jimoh’s Controversies           

As a person who likes to keep private, Toheeb Jimoh wants to keep himself away from the rumors. The social media star is so passionate about his profession that he avoids anything that could sabotage his career.

However, there are reports that Toheeb Jimoh’s wife is just around the corner, and they are just being discreet about it. The actor did not respond to any of these rumors, for it is normal for an artist to have controversies like this. 

Toheeb Jimoh’s Kids           

As a bachelor, Toheeb Jimoh does not have any kids as of 2022. The model is still in the early days of his life and thus likes to take his time to enjoy and explore the world.

Supporters of the actor expressed their delight regarding Jimoh’s singlehood. They are not yet ready to hear any reports about the actor being committed to a relationship.

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