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Tim Rozon is Married to Wife: Linzey Rozon. Kids.

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Image of Tim Rozon with his wife, Linzey Rozon

Timothy James Rozon, professionally known as Tim Rozon, is a well-known Canadian actor. He is most known for his appearances on the famous teen drama show called Instant Star” as Tommy Quincy, a Comedy show called “Schitt’s Creek” as Mutt Schitt, a phenomenal drama show called “Wynonna Earp” as Doc Holliday, and a Supernatural drama show called “Surreal Estate” as Luke Roman.

Read this article further to discover more about the well-known Canadian actor Tim Rozon. Know Tim Rozon’s wife and kids here!

Tim Rozon has been married to his wife, Linzey Rozon, since 2015

Image of Tim Rozon with his wife, Linzey Rozon
Tim Rozon with his wife, Linzey Rozon

Many fans of the Canadian actor Tim Rozon wonder if he is married. Linzey, his lovely wife, is a nice woman.

Tim Rozon’s wife has been by his side along his ascension to fame, inspiring and supporting him through all of the hardships. The well-known actor met Linzey, his then future wife, during his early life.

Their romance extends back many years, despite the popular notion that they had only been together for a few years. It’s believed they encountered each other in the late 2000s.

Initially, the couple was afraid to discuss their relationship on social media. Tim Rozon’s wife wishes her husband a happy Valentine’s Day regularly, and they are bolder about displaying their love in public these days.

The pair married in a lavish ceremony in Quebec, Montreal, Canada. On September 6, 2015, they tied the knot.

There was no speculation about the couple splitting up. Furthermore, they demonstrate that their bond grows stronger with each passing year.

The well-known Canadian actor Tim Rozon and his wife Linzey had a child in 2020, whose name has not yet been announced.

Linzey Rozon’s Biography

Linzey Rozon is a professional equestrian and a horseback riding enthusiast. The Well-known Canadian actor’s wife has horses that she owns, rides, and trains. Linzey was born in Quebec, Montreal, Canada, on May 16, 1985.

Tim’s wife was raised by Catherine Govoni (Mother) and Peter Govon (father). Ashley, her sister, and James, her brother, are Linzey’s siblings.

Her mother, unfortunately, died unexpectedly in a car crash in 2012.

Tim Rozon’s Kids

I. Name undisclosed. 

He is the only son of Tim Rozon, a well-known Canadian actor with his wife, Linzey. Tim’s son was born in 2020. Any information such as his name, age, and birthdate is unknown to the public.

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