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Tim Lincecum is Not Married to Wife. Dating a Girlfriend: Kristine Coleman

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Image of Tim Lincecum with his girlfriend, Kristen Coleman

Many professional baseball players were given proper recognition because of their talented skills, and one of them is Tim Lincecum. The well-known baseball pitcher rose to fame back then for being recruited by popular teams.

The former professional baseball pitcher was born in Bellevue, Washington, the United States, on June 15, 1984, and is now 37. He was given a long playing time in some teams like San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Angels.

Lincecum won many awards while playing Major League Baseball. Some of these awards are NL Pitcher of the Month, NL Player of the Week, Golden Spikes Award, World Series Champion, NL Cy Young Award, and Golden Washington State Baseball Player of the Year.

Undoubtedly, the former baseball star worked hard for the success he has right now but does he have a partner attempting to reach his goal in baseball? Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need about Tim Lincecum’s wife, partner, love life, and children.

Tim Lincecum is not Married to a Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Kristine Coleman

Image of Tim Lincecum with his girlfriend, Kristen Coleman
Tim Lincecum with his girlfriend, Kristen Coleman

There have been rumors about Tim Lincecum’s wife, and people could not just stop asking about the partner of the baseball player. Social media users started to talk about his alleged relationship with a mysterious woman spotted with him on the baseball field.

The paparazzi could be annoying for some celebrities but beneficial to those who wanted to know the actual dating status of their idols. If you want to know more about Tim Lincecum’s wife, keep reading this article.

The former baseball star is not married but currently dating a stunning woman named Kristine Coleman. Their appearance in a public place sparked many rumors and caused speculations between Kristine and the baseball player’s past girlfriend.

Moreover, people started talking about the couple when there were pictures and videos of them together that spread on the internet. The time when the San Francisco Giants bagged the championship in 2012, Tim appeared with Kristine, and he was holding her in his arms.

There were also allegations against Coleman that she entered into a relationship with the former baseball player while he was still with another woman. However, there were no confirmations regarding the rumor.

People saw how supportive she was of Lincecum as she was ready to expose herself in the limelight and wore a National League Champions cap in 2012. Indeed, the former baseball pitcher is lucky to have an understanding and supportive girlfriend while playing for Major League Baseball.

Kristine Coleman’s Biography

Many people have talked about Tim Lincecum’s wife, but he does not have one; instead, he has a girlfriend. She is Kristine Coleman and loves to come to social events and gatherings with the baseball player.

Kristine has developed her love for kids after being a former teacher for elementary children. Moreover, there was no available information about Kristine Coleman.

Our team will search profoundly and find more information about Tim Lincecum’s girlfriend. We will update this article once Kristine decides to share her life details.

Tim Lincecum’s Kids

Tim Lincecum has been together with his girlfriend for many years, making fans wonder if they have children. Moreover, people are hopeful that they have built a family to have kids interested in sports.

However, it has come to our knowledge that the lovely couple does not have children yet. We will update this article once we find more information when the couple already has children.

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