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Tim Daggett is Married to Wife: Deanne Lazer Daggett

Image of Tim Daggett

The 1984 Los Angeles Olympics was a memorable event for U.S. gymnastics because of Tim Daggett. He brought home the first Gold Medal for U.S. Men’s Gymnastics when he scored a perfect ten on the high bar.

He then competed in the following 1988 Summer Olympics but failed to bring home a medal. Despite this, the athlete continued to work in the gymnastics industry as a coach for future generations.

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Tim Daggett has been Married to his Wife, Deanne Lazer Daggett, since 1995

Image of Tim Daggett
Tim Daggett is a former American gymnast. He is also known for achieving the 1984 Olympic gold

The Olympic gold medalist gymnast has made noise worldwide because of his excellence in the sport. Because of his global attention, many fans are curious about his relationship status.

The athlete is said to be married. According to sources, he exchanged vows with longtime partner Deanne Lazer Daggett.

The two tied the knot in 1995. Since then, they have lived a happy life while the athlete pursued his dreams.

Lately, the couple has been busy raising their grandchild. The kid is named Tim, after the Olympic gold medalist athlete.

Tim Daggett’s Previous Relationships

When it comes to being a married man, the Olympiad knows how and what it takes for someone to be successful in raising a family. He has been a husband for more than two decades now, so it is assured that he knows what he is doing.

With that said, it is also possible that his marriage of two decades may be why he did not have any loving relationships before meeting his wife, Deanne. Although he has yet to confirm this, the fact they’ve been tied to each other proves to be a solid point for the argument.

Deanne Lazer Daggett’s Biography

As a successful gymnast, Tim married a gymnast as well. Tim Daggett’s wife is Deanne Lazer Daggett.

She was a former gymnast when she was still in college. Tim Daggett’s wife studied at the Eastern Michigan University.

Unlike her husband, she did not pursue her career in gymnastics. Instead, Tim Daggett’s wife went on to be a medical doctor.

She is currently an M.D. of Anesthesiology. The lovely woman prefers helping patients as her professional career.

But it is said that her dream of being a successful gymnast was passed on to their son Peter.

Tim Daggett’s Kids

We can all agree that the love between Tim and Deanne resulted in a wonderful and successful family. They are parents to two children, a boy, and a girl.

Their son is named Peter Dagget. He was named after Peter Vidmar, Tim’s teammate in his gymnast years.

Like his father, Peter is a gymnast as well. Born on the 16th of July in 1997, the young man is part of the USA Gymnastics team with his father as his head coach.

The young man also won in the NCAA. He was the 2019 NCAA silver medalist and the 2018 NCAA champion in the sport.

Their daughter is named Carlie Daggett. Unlike her brother and father, the young woman prefers being away from the gymnast’s world.

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