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Is Till Lindemann Married to New Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Past Relationships.

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Image of Till Lindemann

Till Lindemann is a German singer-songwriter and poet, who gained popularity as the lead vocalist, frontman, and lyricist of the German band Rammstein since its founding in 1993; apart from his band, he had created a musical project as well, named Lindemann, in 2013. As a poet, he has released three of his poetry books already, namely Messer (Knife) in 2002, In Stillen Nächten (In Silent Nights) in 2013, and 100 Gedichte (100 Poems) in 2020.

See more about the German singer-songwriter and poet Till Lindemann’s wife and dating status and previous relationships. Also, meet his children from his former partners in this article.

Till Lindemann’s dating status

Image of Till Lindemann

Till Lindemann is a German singer, songwriter and poet.

On the 16th day of May 2022, the Berlin Daily News reports suggest that he had secretly got married to his rumored Ukranian singer girlfriend, Svetlana Loboda, and she became Till Lindemann’s wife. The paper claims that the singer was spotted wearing a new wedding ring earlier this week and that they had exchanged vows in a secret wedding ceremony.

Additionally, it was rumored that their affair started back in 2017 and that her youngest daughter is the German vocalist’s as her name, Tilda, was similar to his. However, they had withdrawn their reports and stated that the statements were false since Kirill Chibisov, a Russian concert producer and director who has been associated with them, had spoken about the matter back in April.

According to him, the German’s apparent relationship with his rumored girlfriend was a pure publicity stunt created by Natella Krapivina, Svetlana’s producer. The Ukranian singer was later confirmed to be dating her Ukranian billionaire oligarch lover, Artur Granz; there was no clarification of paternity.

Till is not dating anyone as of the present; he has not been seen with anyone potential enough to be his partner. Moreover, his social media account has nothing but stuff about his works.

Till Lindemann’s previous relationships

He has an extensive list of dated and married women through the years.

  • Mareike Lindemann

She was his first wife who he had a daughter with. It is not divulged when they got married, but since their child, Nele, was born in 1985, it is safe to assume they got married in 1984 or earlier.

Based on reports, it was due to his excessive drinking and insufferable demeanor that led to the end of their union. After separating, she was hooked up to Richard Kruspe, his Rammstein bandmate.

  • Anja Köseling
Image of Till Lindemann with his former partner, Anja Köseling

Till Lindemann with his former partner, Anja Köseling

He was her subsequent wife, who he was married in 1985, and after twelve years of marriage, they divorced each other due to unsaid reasons. Their union resulted in the birth of Marie Louise, their daughter.

  • Marina Drujko

After three years of keeping a low profile, he dated the Russian model in 2000, but their affair was short-lived, and they broke up in the same year; the reason has not been started since.

  • Sophia Thomalla
Image of Till Lindemann with his ex-partner, Sophia Thomalla

Till Lindemann with his ex-partner, Sophia Thomalla

He dated the German model and actress from February 2011 until their split in November 2015 though its cause was unclear.

  • Alycen Rowse

In the same year he broke up with Sophia, he was linked to the American author and media personality Alycen Rowse. Nevertheless, no confirmation about their affair has been announced since.

Till Lindemann’s kids

The German lead vocalist has two children, each from his relationship with his first wife, Mareike Lindemann, and his subsequent wife, Anja Köseling; both of his children are daughters.

  1. Nele Lindemann

Lindemann’s first daughter was born in 1985 in Leipzig, Germany, and she is 37 years old. Since he has separated from her mother, he spent the first seven years of his daughter’s life taking care of her as a single father; she is the singer’s child with his first wife, Mareike.

When his work demanded more time away from his daughter, her mother stepped up to raise their child.

  1. Marie Louise Lindemann

She is Lindemann’s second daughter, born in 1993 to his ex-wife, Anja Köseling, and she is 29 years old.

Apart from the said details, there has not been much known about them, especially their exact birth dates. When his first ex-wife separated from him, she then had a daughter with Richard Kruspe, his Rammstein bandmate, in 1991.

Mareike and Richard’s daughter, Khira Li, attained Till’s surname as her mother retained it when they divorced and had not married Kruspe. As per sources, he has two sons, but their identities are yet to be disclosed.

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