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Thierry Henry is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Andrea Rajacic. Kids.

Image of Thierry Henry with his girlfriend, Andrea Rajacic

Thierry Daniel Henry is a football coach by profession from France. His profession as a coach is contextualized by his time as an athlete on the national team of Belgium.

Before being a professional coach, he is acclaimed as one of the most notable strikers. Furthermore, he is listed under the antecedents of the Premier League as one of the exceptional players.

The expertise of the football coach has been making people wonder if there is news with regards to Thierry Daniel’s wife. Continue reading this Wikipedia-type article to know more about him.

Thierry Henry’s Dating Status

Image of Thierry Henry with his girlfriend, Andrea Rajacic
Thierry Henry with his girlfriend, Andrea Rajacic

Currently, Thierry is not married to a wife nor dating a girlfriend. He said that the title Thierry Daniel’s wife is not taken by anyone as of this writing.

According to sources, there was a previous Thierry Daniel’s wife, but they already divorced. Nevertheless, he has been dating a lovely lady named Andrea Rajacic.

The couple has been happily living together ever since they officiate their relationship. However, there are no reports published on whether the lengthy relationship of the couple already made Andrea as Thierry Daniel’s wife.

Their relationship has been away from any controversies since they publicly announced their partnership. They decided to keep lowkey after the football coach’s divorce from his wife.

Thierry Henry’s Ex-wife

Image of Thierry Henry with his former partner, Claire Merry
Thierry Henry with his former partner, Claire Merry

The lady who previously held the title of Thierry Daniel’s wife is a woman named Claire Merry. The former couple tied the knot in 2003 which ended in 2007.

People are wondering why the couple got divorced but they were not able to get an answer because the couple kept their mouths shut after parting ways. The professional coach of football was tasked to pay a lump sum of money as a settlement for their divorce.

Thierry Henry’s Kids

Image of Thierry Henry with his daughter, Téa
Thierry Henry with his daughter, Téa

The marriage of Thierry and Claire delivered a beautiful baby girl into this world. The previous Thierry Daniel’s wife decided to name her Téa.

She was born on the 27th day of May in 2005. The then-player was so proud of his daughter that he made a sign of T when he made his first goal on the date of birth of his daughter.

It was discovered that the previous Thierry Daniel’s wife is the one who is primarily taking care of their daughter. However, the coach does not forget his responsibility as a father and still sends support to his only child.

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