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The Truth Behind the Death of E.J. Montini’s Wife.

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Image of EJ Montini

Ej Montini is a prominent and well-respected columnist. He started as a news metro writer for The Arizona Republic on December 1979, just before Arizona’s first governor was impeached.

He has covered illegal immigration, rising daily temperatures, and decreased rainfall for The Arizona Republic for over 25 years. Montini is a baseball fanatic who is frequently seen roaming about the workplace with a wooden baseball bat.

Since joining the publication, the journalist has covered a wide range of themes and writes three pieces each week. Being a well-known public figure in the journalism world, he immediately went trending after publishing a heartbreaking obituary for his wife.

Are you curious about what chappened to E.J. Montini’s wife? Who he’s married with? Read more to find out.

E.J. Montini’s Biography

Image of EJ Montini
EJ Montini is an American journalist serving as a news columnist for The Arizona Republic.

E.J. Montini is a 67-year-old man who was born in the year 1955. Every year on January 1st, he also celebrates his birthday.

According to him, each time he celebrates his birthday, his family and friends surround him with wishes and blessings. He was born in the United States of America, in the city of Pittsburgh.

Although E.J.’s family’s details are kept private, he stated in an article that he was born and nurtured in a small steel-mill town north of Pittsburgh, amid men and women who were immigrants or the children of immigrants. The males were all mill workers who lived in humble quarters.

In 1976, E.J. Montini earned his degree of Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the prestigious Pennsylvania State University. Using his eagerness to write, E.J. pursued a career in journalism and writing.

E.J. Montini’s relationship

E.J. Montini has kept his romantic relationship details private and not much is revealed about his current status. But it is well-known that he had a wife.

Unfortunately, details about the life partner of E.J. Montini are kept hidden from the public.

E.J. Montini’s Wife’s death

EJ Montini’s wife suffered from Dementia. According to his article published in AZ Central, the author chooses to state she has passed on to the afterlife since anyone who believes there is just one type of death is mistaken.

It is believed by some people that his wife is well and alive but he considers her not living anymore. He said in the article that “this is not a eulogy. And there is no funeral”.

The reason behind this is still being questioned but the writer keeps his private life in the dark. The statement mentioned above ticks the imagination of the people, and being a public figure, EJ seems to keep everything to himself as we know how the lives of these stars are always watched and talked about.

Even though the people are making stories, EJ kept quiet and continued to mourn for her loving wife and tried to continue with his life even though it’s obvious that he’s in pain.

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